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  1. In other words keep Darnold regardless of performance or lack thereof ala Sanchez last contract??
  2. Fair points but still a better decision than resigning him ala Sanchez.
  3. Darnold has certainly lost his shine. Also I think its more a case that Jets fans are like cats chasing laser pointer.
  4. This is all so theoretical plus the fact there may not even be a season but yeah sure lets say Jets go 4-12, Sam continues to be uninspiring and they wind up with a top 4 pick. Are you saying they shouldnt by any means try to package draft picks to snag TL?
  5. Nobody is saying run him out of town but the consensus is he needs to step it up now with a better roster. In the meantime if you can draft TL you do it. BTW the survey question is misleading. It should be a yes or no question asking if the Jets should or should not draft TL if the opportunity arises.
  6. You keep drafting QBs. So far Darnold has been an uninspiring Caspar Milquetoast. Can he be better with a revamped roster? Sure. Will he? Who knows and anyone who declares he will with 100% certainty has an opinion that is not rooted in reality.
  7. When he was drafted he was asked what Jets fans can expect from him and he said "A lot of wins" He needs to do exactly that. Start winning 2 out of every 3 games he starts.
  8. If Darnold doesnt prove himself soon (if there is a season) there is no extension.
  9. Darnold hasnt proven anything yet so yeah Lawrence why not and who cares if he needs his own bathroom.
  10. First thought was to cut up his Jersey and make face masks to intercept the covid 19 virus particles but then I remembered........
  11. Also consider that 2017, terrible as it was, likely isnt his worst draft. 2015-16 were worse imo Probably could put a blindfold on and throw darts at a draft board and may actually do better.
  12. If Russell Wilson gets dinged and misses parts or all of a season the picks could potentially become top 10 or better. (disclaimer...I am a Wilson fan and hope he stays healthy)
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