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  1. Wow yes of course! Just close your eyes and visualize what a force this team would be if we still had all those dynamos from the previous regime.
  2. Of course they did. JD was patient and held his ground with his earliest stated terms of 2 first round pics or no deal. Having said that, while on the surface of it I would rate this an A+ deal the NYJ still need to turn these pics into players that produce wins and thats the hardest part of all this.
  3. I would love to see Bell truck that clown on the 5 yd line leave him flat like a dead squirrel as he goes in for 6.
  4. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh !!! 2 firsts for that azzclown?? Maybe my wife put some disco biscuits in my lipitor bottle cause I feel like im trippin
  5. If you just came out of a 6 month coma "Off world vehicles" would sound much more plausible than if some one filled you in on what transpired the first half of 2020
  6. Americans? Word has it Amerigo Vespucci's statues are next in line to be cancelled and that would lead Washington right back to the new name problem. See? No name is the "safe space" choice for them.
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