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  1. I think that is Zach Thomas hangin outa PhinFags butt....
  2. Hey crashingjet here is a new self portrait/Avatar for ya....
  3. Maybe the Woody wants the vote to fail so he can pursue his dream of a NYC site?
  4. Should be between E.M. and the Clockmaster no? All kidding aside, E.M. deserves it !
  5. The man is a joke as a coach. If it wasnt for Rich Kotite he would be the worst coach in Jet history. I cant wait for KC to implode.
  6. DAMN, got my OH-Fishul Flavor Flav backwards a$$ clock, got my Dickie Curl in the upstairs box, got my NFL jacket and headset and I still cant get this damn clock thing right!
  7. New England Paytoilets. I wonder if he has anything left. I liked the guy when he played for us. I thought he was an overachiever being small and such. Anyway, 1st post here, love the site. GO JETS !
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