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  1. This team is the gift that just keeps giving. Its like that 7 hour Viagra gone bad stiffy that is both wondrous and horrible simultaneously. Honestly with days like this one and so many more to come who would ever want to follow any other NFL team.
  2. But will his unparalleled record of being the "wokest" NFL owner regarding minority hiring be enough to stave off the pitchfork and torch posse?
  3. Phil Rizzuto (holy cow I think he's gonna make it)
  4. Worse than Ferguson, the Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. This is not recent. Has been for like 7-8 centuries.
  5. Snooty euro asked him how many mass shooting victims he knew. Sounds like he melted on the spot. Personally I would have let him know I am on vacation and would prefer not play the loaded questions game but in this instance I will answer If you can tell me if you fear being a victim of the next east euro genocide. Oh and mass shooting in Czech? Google it. Que the CCC Cancel Culture Club.
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