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  1. No ego here, you accused, I defended myself giving objective proof I am not who what you say I am. I have no desire to engage in a war of words but the weird part is I cant even say lets agree to disagree because other than calling me a jingoist I think we share a similar view of what our country could / should be.
  2. Forgive me for defending myself from your jingoism slur and once again with the easy way out response oh and you do what to help change the course of this society?
  3. Took the easy way out on that one I see throwing out the trope / slur instead of taking what I said objectively, analytically and answering what I had to say with facts and personal experiences. Jingoism, extreme nationalism and patriotism while turning a blind eye to any problems and shortcomings in our society is not who I am. Nowhere in my statement did I indicate that I am blind to our systemic problems. Personally my approach to making change was after coming home from Viet Nam I chose a career (via GI bill) in health care, became a registered nurse worked continually in under served area
  4. Sounds like your wife and you are pretty privileged to have traveled extensively through europe after college. A lifestyle most people in this world can only dream of. What did you answer after being asked how many people you personally knew who have gotten shot? One? Five? Twenty? Do you honestly know anyone who has been shot? America sucks ............right and despite that you both came home from your post USA University education euro jaunt in spite of your enlightenment from euro intellectuals. And literally hundreds of thousands desire to come here and live here every year for economic
  5. Big % of NFL fans are like the 1950s pro wrestling rubes thinking this NFL sh!t is always 100% legit.
  6. Adams is neither a moron or a genius. Most of this is choreographed by his agent. The agent is coaching him at every turn. While Adams may not be in the strongest bargaining position, the social media antics that is upsetting to the anti Adams crowd actually does give him and his agent a little more leverage than if he had gone about all this quietly.
  7. I'm no fan of extreme leftist agendas or any extreme agenda for that matter but you lose all cred instantly by including Murdoch in that list. Do your homework then try again..
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