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  1. Why quit now and miss your big chance to kneel during the black national anthem?
  2. Jets have saved a lot of cash signing these sackless DTs every year.
  3. Ok then try this social experiment. Next time you meet any true native american (and I am not talking about an Elizabeth Warren type) when introduced, say with your warmest smile and firm hand shake " wow, hey I am pleased to make the aquaintance of a real redskin! Let us know how that works out for ya.
  4. Maybe consider that its OK for natives to use "red skin" in their vernacular and its in bad taste or worse for paleface to use it?
  5. If only she had courted the pastry boy vote things would be so different.
  6. During WWII, BMW supplied the Nazi war effort with airplanes and motorcycle parts using Nazi slave labor. BMW owner Günther Quandt and son Herbert were reportedly friendly with Hitler and profited from the Holocaust, being handed businesses seized from Jews sent to concentration camps.
  7. This wop says why half step it just go for the Washington Greaseballs and get it over with.
  8. The Jets name is on life support. Jets - West side story = hispaniphobic trope. Fighter Jets = Built by the military / government war monger industrial complex. NY Butterflies.
  9. No good. All towns named Jefferson are certainly going to be renamed.
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