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  1. On top of it all these numbskulls actually think they have the intellect and skill to win playing poker.
  2. Point being the Darnold pick may soon end up cementing Mac's historical standing in the pantheon of NYJs GM suckitude.
  3. Riiiiiiiight...cause he "got us" Darnold and that was a pure bold stroke genius move that has made us forget not "getting us" either Mahommes or Watson cause we all know how great Darnold has been oh dear god please god bless Mac.
  4. Darnold still has a shot at being the guy but I am at a point with him where its time to put up or buh bye.
  5. Truth. ^^ Those blinded by homerism will always disingenuously use a litany of excuses to absurdly say Darnold is a better QB than Cousins or Watson or any other top 15 QB for that matter are either: 1) Blind 2) Have zero football knowledge 3) Trolling 4) Refuse to acknowledge the truth because they can never be wrong type people. Like you said. PRODUCTION is the bottom line.
  6. Crable may have been too competent to make median but Stan Blinka comes to mind.
  7. How can Jets fans expect nice things when they cant even recognize one when they see one?
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