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  1. Contract schmontract. Let us know when Takero eats 75 in 10 minutes
  2. Ads for when the Pop-Up stops popping up.
  3. Wasnt Georgia Frontierre the Owner / GM of the Rams ? I know she was very active in day to day operations.
  4. With his speed Davis could conceivably play SS, FS or corner. He might be the fastest guy on the team.
  5. Someplace somewhere Jamal is sitting pissed off thinking he should have said that wonderful piece of narcissistic bullsh!t first.
  6. Surfing is a sport. Individually or as competition. On Long Island as a teen and older I spent a good part of my life surfing Long Beach, Gilgo and Ditch Plains etc Later In my 20's and 30's surfed Rincon PR, Hanalei Bay Hi. and more. When younger I was a pretty good amateur but the guys who do it professionally are a completely different beast. Tell them its not a sport hahahahahaha.
  7. Have been to it a few times. Theater of the truly absurd. Tons of fun everyone having a great time. I hope situation improves and they let the crowd back next year.
  8. Someone who says surfing is not a sport cant swim and born with 2 left feet.
  9. I dont care what this man child says about the Jets. Its his reality whether we agree or not. My only advice to Robbie at this point would be to find a TRUSTED and experienced financial advisor because the money goes real fast when you are young, spend foolishly, mistakenly view sycophants as friends and accept bad advice.
  10. Let me guess. Its flavor is reminiscent of fine aged pizza with a hint of pepperoni.
  11. Lots of wonderful names and logos offered but do they need to change the logo and name before or after they knock down all the statues of Indian Chiefs? Oh and are we allowed to keep Chiefs?
  12. JA is a poser. Die on the field, alpha dogs ......he is FOS.
  13. Hey hit piece or not I dont need any "journalist" telling me what I already have seen from our latest QB from USC. Can he still turn out to be a very good QB? Sure and we all really hope he turns it up this year however all this begs the questions of how many of us are whistling past the grave yard when we talk up his potential, will he prove his supporters right or will we once again be saying "Thanks Mac"
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