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  1. Let the TV viewers, fans, advertisers, season tix holders et al vote with their wallet. Oh would players drafted by Wash. ever refuse to go? That would say something wouldnt it?
  2. Dropping the weight is the easy part. Eat better - exercise more. Zillion ways to do that. Not putting it back on over the subsequent year or two is the really tricky part. A large % of overweight people over eat due to stress. Better stress coping skills can be learned and will help keep the weight off long term.
  3. Situational dissection is the last bastion of hope for those desperate to find sunshine in a career (to date) drowning in mediocrity.
  4. Cant determine what the mean is for his pro career at this point, not enough there yet for me anyway but I do think we can objectively statehe hasnt had any great years let alone 2 of them ala Vinny T.
  5. No love for Mac here but honestly using your above parameters half the QB starters in the NFL, maybe more would put up nice numbers. Just look what a middling QB like Tannehill did with an A "cast"
  6. For objective Jets fans this is his put up or shut up year.
  7. Jazz Jackson. A flea posing as a running back. Ed Marinaro. B list actor posing as a running back. I do understand the Jason Taylor hate but tbh he came here and gave a 100% effort as opposed to guys like Revis, Trumaine, Wilkerson and others who ran a 4.3 40 yard dash..........to the bank.
  8. Adams is a crying whiny b!tch and Douglas needs to move him.
  9. Kleckineau

    Bob Ross

    Younger gen following Bob Ross and admiring him as a person and wondering at his talent shows millennial's CAN get things right!
  10. Spinal Tap Wembley 1984 11th row seats.
  11. There is a lot of raw meat filling the o line positions. I would feel a little better if some one like Callahan Scarnechia or Munchak or any other proven teacher were cooking this meal. I am not too bullish on Pollack coaching these guys up.
  12. Thats it. He is a 24/7 nagging, whiny b!tch. May as well take hormones, get his junk cut off and make it official.
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