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  1. Theinlawjosie: Shane I’m from Ashland KY – was never a fan of football growing up (played one year as an offensive lineman in the 7th grade – lost a bunch of weight during conditioning – never got moved to another position and never played a down). After my wife and I had our first child I was watching a lot of football and started following the Jets (Marshall University is about 20 minutes from my home and they had just picked Pennington in the draft). Due to our location her in the wonderful bluegrass state, we were offered east and west coast network channels by DirecTV – as a result,
  2. I was playing some MW3 the other night; I'm not an incredible player but I can generally hold my own. Anyway, this guy named "BradyandWelker" kept killing me over and over and over again....It's happened before and it will happen again and it's usually not that big of a deal but because of this douche's gamer tag I wanted to cry! I feel this kids pain.
  3. I couldn't agree more. Glad we got the win though!
  4. Did anybody see Michael Irvin talk about his visit to the Jets on Total Access? I just watched it and apparently he has an interview with Rex coming up. He seemed to be VERY impressed with the team, Rex and the organization!!!
  5. I like the signing. It's weird seeing somebody in a 51 jersey making plays again.
  6. I tried to read it but for some reason my eyes just kept drifting to the left? Weird.
  7. "Bigby was signed by the New York Jets on August 11, 2005, only to be waived during final cuts on September 3."
  8. Lol @ the Danny Woodhead reference!
  9. We're all human. I wouldn't have shown up at all. Haha.
  10. Gainzo, you remind me of a Patriots fan that I work with, we never really ride each other very hard and have respect for each others teams and have a lot of good conversations because of it. Over the years here at JN that's one of the things I have noticed about you, you seem to have respect for Jets fans and although you do get your jabs in you are a big enough man to show up and engage in actual conversations on a consistent basis. I like your style man.
  11. Brady to Jets sideline: "I'm really, REALLY sorry, PLEASE make it stop!"
  12. They cut J-Co out of the last picture. WTF?!?!
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