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  1. I thought that Leonard Williams was with the Giants now. (J/K)
  2. Quinnen Williams. I know he is young, but he reminds me an awful lot of Leonard, only not as good a run stopper.
  3. The only thing that he should be judged by is this. When the game was on the line, did he get them where they needed to be? Yes. End of story. You can look at yards, completions, TDs and so on, but if a great performance goes toward a loss. wtf does it matter? Good job Sam.
  4. This season, I've become a Darnold defender. Young kid, bad, bad situation, horrifying OL. Take your pick. What DOES worry me, is the fact that he is constantly missing the deep ball since the Dallas game. Some deep balls, he's missed by a lot. Thoughts?
  5. Nothing left to add. Perfect description. We're stuck with him until the end of next year.
  6. When it comes to the Pats, the NFL always appears to make BS calls in their favors. Give the refs an assist on yet another one.
  7. I don't wish that on anyone. I hope he gets better soon.
  8. That's my Superbowl. I can't have my idiotic scumbag of a brother-in-law gloating.
  9. Amen. second and third reads....Fourth at times.

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