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  1. There are no positives with that. We need a QB more than ever.
  2. this is just another brutality. Not a single bright spot.
  3. I can't disagree. Probably an adequate back up but not a starter. I am sure that JD knew that also. Which would tell me that he absolutely knew that we could not possibly compete this season.
  4. I agree. Sam's recession has little to do with ability and all to do with bad coaching. No coaching is better than bad coaching.
  5. You just truly captured how many of us felt when they hired this idiot. I will never forget the introductory press conference when I realized that a character like Forrest Gump may have had more intelligence in his toe nail than Gase has as a coach. The only way to impress some rich bracts is to be an idiot and an a**hole.
  6. As per Darnold on the Michael Kay show. There are many plays which he is not allowed to "audible out of". That is how the offensive genius has designed the offense for the QB. He has tied his hands on many occasions.
  7. Also, Sam is NOT the one calling for passes behind the line on 3rd and 9. Shameful that we really have no idea who Sam is He would have been better off on any other team. No receivers, no coaching and crazy passes behind the line`s. I believe that ANY elite QB would look beyond terrible on this team and under this coach.
  8. I don't remember Leo EVER having a game like that. Perhaps my memory fails me.
  9. The Johnsons will never sell this endless cash cow. The Jets make tons of money even when losing.
  10. Not even a Kotite coached team could do that.

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