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  1. DonCorleone

    Darnold going in for X rays

    Thus far, it looks like you are correct.
  2. You nailed it. Woody is easily the worst owner in the league. Neither Parcells nor Belichick wanted any part of it. They were wiser than we ever knew. I wish we could fire Woody Johnson.
  3. DonCorleone

    Let’s look at the one bright side

    See, you're exactly right. The problem is ownership. They are incapable of making ANY smart decision. Their goal is money, not wins. They make plenty and they are content. I sincerely doubt they will ever get it right.
  4. DonCorleone

    Let’s look at the one bright side

    I am almost certain that Mac will return. Do you trust him in the draft? Do you trust him on a spending spree? Unless Mac is fired, there is NO upside IMO.
  5. Some people don't find the fines "ridiculous" at all.
  6. DonCorleone


    I hear that he is already in contact with Kotite. Talks might actually be heating up. Also looking at Rex for Offensive Coordinator.
  7. DonCorleone

    Cannizzaro said it. Bowles to be fired.

    I couldn't possibly disagree with anything you said. His talent evaluation has been way less than acceptable. Imagine a loose cannon like like going on a shopping spree. Scary!
  8. DonCorleone

    The Jamal Adams hate fest continues

    Imagine this, Klecko is NOT even in the hall of fame. Is it racial? Who knows.
  9. Last year would have been a perfect time to do it.
  10. DonCorleone

    The Jamal Adams hate fest continues

    When in lack of any sort of supporting argument, play the race card. SMH. Unreal.
  11. DonCorleone

    What Do the Jets Gain Playing McCown?

    A loss was certain either way. He has no excuse for being such a horrible HC. I agree that they will not touch McC. This will most likely be another wasted draft. 1 or at the very most 2 good players and junk the rest.
  12. DonCorleone

    John Harbaugh

    Rightfully so. McC showed nothing on drafts. Just my opinion.
  13. DonCorleone

    John Harbaugh

    The question is would anyone want to work with McCagnan?
  14. DonCorleone

    John Harbaugh

    We truly need a coach Like Harbaugh. No more no frills coordinators. We need someone with previous and proven HC experience.

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