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  1. I like frugal and I like the fact that he looks to the future. Yet, is he too frugal? Will we be able to retain ANY of our home grown players? I am very, very concerned about his lack of ability to sign our own.
  2. Max, I am so sorry that you and your family are going through this. I will pray for your wife daily, that much I promise you.
  3. The only one who truly proved himself is Mann.
  4. Not to mention that BB will prove yet again that he simply isn't the same coach without Brady
  5. I know that not a single real snap has been taken yet....but this is the NEW feel of the Jets. Work hard anywhere. I haven't had that feeling in...well, not since Parcells.
  6. I think it is a sign of the times. Did Darnold play well for the Jets? Heck no. But he also took way more blame for the disasters than he should have. He never blamed anyone other than himself. Yet so many here, still wanted certain other QBs even though there's enough smoke there to fill Yellowstone that the guy at BEST is a pervert and at worst...well Lets not go there. Football is ALL about winning, I get that... I do not however want to win at certain costs. Like cheating, or with horrible people on our team. We are at an era where we constantly sanctify A**holes and lynch
  7. Shame on you! I did the same, only they aren't twins.
  8. It's either that or Yeboah takes his place. That might happen any way.
  9. Incidentally reporters and columnists were gushing over how great Le'Veon Bell looked in practice in 2019 and how he instantly made them better team. How he showed no signs of rust after a one year absence from football (NOT 2 years mind you). That's why you play actual games before judging ANY player.
  10. And for the Jets. Again, he was super talented and always injured. That's why Bill Parcells called him PG. Porcelain Groin.
  11. And you probably don't weigh half as much as he does. Imagine the trouble that this could be for him...Or us really.
  12. My son said the same exact thing.
  13. You have a point. Super talented and often hurt. He reminds me a bit of PG Raul Allegre.
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