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  1. I did not think about them. I stand corrected. Just a few in history were able to do it without an awesome line.
  2. You took the words right out of my mouth (Fingers in this case). Emmit Smith was twice the running back that he should have been because of his line. No line, no RB. It really, really is that simple. There was only one Barry Sanders, the only RB (In my opinion) that did great behind an average to below average line.
  3. Unlike our very own CJ Mosley whose commitment to football can never be questioned.
  4. Your honesty is refreshing. I share your thoughts.
  5. Hopefully, he did not sprain a shoulder doing that stupid dance on his way to his being traded party.
  6. Who gives a flying rip about the "woke soldiers"? I certainly don't
  7. Agreed! They are looking at a punter for sure.
  8. Talk about building from the Draft. WOW, the Fins are truly on their way. There goes the Sam to SF Idea.
  9. Excellent points all of them. If you were an owner or a GM, would you take a chance at this point?
  10. I guess some people like me are going to have to pass on TNF. We've given up on ANYTHING Amazon.
  11. I'd take a 4th any day over a player who has played 1/2 of a game in 2 years
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