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  1. I feel your pain. The suffering never stops.
  2. We would just end up hiring someone else's garbage again. Ownership does NOT want to win.
  3. Well Gase is looking every bit as bad if not worse. We are in for 2 horrible years of this.
  4. No, I just don't think he is ready. By that I mean not being as strong as he needs to be physically. It takes many people months to recoup physically. Certainly he is a professional athlete and in much better physical shape than most people. Yet, my contention is that it is too risky to play in less than top physical shape and behind this line.
  5. In my opinion, he's had no contact and just recently began to practice again. No way I would chance it.
  6. Imo, he shouldn't and he won't. I have little doubt that he may not start for another week or two. Good for us, why would we want the kid to suffer behind this circus which we are told is an offensive line.
  7. I would take it a step further and say that it is impossible to judge Darnold on his play in 2019 based on this disastrous line. I believe that the kid would be ok had he been given some time to actually set and throw. The line is beyond horrendous, the receivers are not getting open and Darnold cannot complete a pass.
  8. In my opinion, this is simply crazy. As many of you know, I am not the biggest Darnold supporter here. Having said that I also believe that signing Bell was crazy. You do not get a top RB or QB unless you have at the very least a better than average line. Our line sucked last year and is an unmitigated disaster this year. Even if Darnold comes back, how can we judge him based on how he plays behind this line? It would be unfair and abnormal to do so. All greatness start at the line and trickles around. No QB would succeed behind this line. I think that Bell is playing as great as he has ever played and yet he is going nowhere behind this line, is it fair to then judge him based on that? I think not. Keep Darnold, trade down and for as many picks as you can and build a line.
  9. Was I ever wrong about this guy. The Vickes saved us from people like myself.
  10. The real fan has already been basically cut out of the tix any way. They can also increase ticket prices and spread it across 17 games.
  11. Let me just say that I love the signing. I think that he found himself the odd man out between an incredible trio of wideouts. Tough luck on him for that. But, he could actually be perfect for us and my logic is this. From what I have been reading about the guy, he has always been somewhat of an underdog. Yet, here he is. He is incredibly dangerous when teams bring up the 8 men fronts, he is too fast to ignore or take a chance with 1 on 1s. If Darnold can extend a play (given the sorry state of our line) chances are that Smith will be running somewhere downfield. Smith in my opinion, can be a fascinating story to follow. May be wishful thinking on my part, yet I get good vibes on this one.

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