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  1. I do not know how ANYONE could disagree with the math. Good post.
  2. But..but Saleh is a defensive genius...and so on and so on.
  3. That's because Denzel is quite simply the better receiver.
  4. The OC should be bitch slapped for 4 quarters and possibly for the rest of the day.
  5. As much as I would LOVE to disagree, you have math on your side.
  6. Many teams fix horrific teams in 2 years. I haven't even seen ANY OL improvement. Sorry, I can't give him a pass based on that fact alone.
  7. Amen. Saleh is allowing LaFleur to get into pissing contests with perhaps the best offensive players. A first year's coach credentials simply aren't good enough to get away with stupid moves like these. Even Parcells made it a point to get along with Keyshawn. It wasn't because of love. It was best for the team. Either Saleh figures it out or in years we are rebuilding again with new coaches and drafting another QB, while Darnold pulls a Tannehill but at 23 with decades left in his career.
  8. Actually 4. I wonder if Saleh can match that in 4 years.
  9. You just wait until I catch his father...Oh wait...Never mind
  10. I won't deny it. Fans like me who go to the games or watch on TV giving them ratings, are to blame. As long as the Johnsons make money, we lose.
  11. I share your pain for almost as long my friend. This franchise can make the Bucs of 1070's look good. Incredible...No matter how bad it is,, It makes tons for the Johnsons. That's all that counts.
  12. is at the game. He told me that he can hear many of the Jets fans chanting "Denzel Mims" and Joe "Must go" as he is leaving the stadium.
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