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  1. We are the least gifted team when it comes to ownership
  2. Truly a heart breaker with Chad. Mind of a field genius, heart of a lion and body by Mattel.
  3. My favorite headline from Leon Hess upon hiring Kotite. "I want to win now!"
  4. I was actually too embarrassed to go there. One of the advances of being online is being able for people not to know how much of a dinosaur I am.
  5. I can attest that no matter how hard you try, 50's are a strange age. When your body stops reacting as it used to. Mike relied a ton on speed, controlled explosiveness and power. Not to mention accuracy. I sincerely do not see an upside to making a return. Sure he would beat a few heavy weights but, how much damage can a good heavyweight do to him now?
  6. Iron Mike used strength and rage to become one of the best heavyweights of all times. Unfortunately, when the rage was gone, so was his greatness. He should stay retired.
  7. with their own fans, they couldn't sell out a high school stadium.
  8. He was never a journalist. He is a simple propagandist. He pushes an agenda, never news.
  9. Finally some reality. Dak is incredibly overrated He can be phenomenal one game and below pedestrian the next. His decision making has not matured the way it should have and at times, does not have a sense of where the rush is coming from. Sorry, I do NOT see overpaying for him.
  10. I don't care about numbers AT ALL. A break out season=Jets make the playoffs because of him also and not in spite of him.
  11. People are so concentrated on a receiver that they neglect the fact that we have both inside and outside receivers and that we **may** finally have a line which may afford us the time to get them the ball. It starts and ends at the line and they dictate what receivers looks like.
  12. All you said is true. Just keep in mind that when Darnold had time, he was still worried about his blind side and a pressure that wasn't there because he did NOT trust the line. Either would I. Therefore, Darnold rushed the throw on many occasions when he did not have to.
  13. I completely agree with you. In addition, where is it written that "a franchise qb" does not need to be pushed. He too needs a fire under his back side. IMO, he wasn't taken to back up, He was taken A-as insurance in case of disaster and ,B-To push Darnold (in the future) Just an opinion though

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