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  1. Something that truly pissed me off, was Becton posting tweets about himself playing video games and asking his followers which video game the wanted him to play next all the while being out and injured. I know that many think that my point is petty. Conversely, many of us wanted tweets about how badly he wanted to get back on the field and how much he was giving his all in rehab. It isn't until fans started to call him a bust that he started to post images of him working out and even changed his name to "Big Bust" I would love nothing more than Becton becoming the best LT in football and I was very excited when he was drafted, but something about him is seriously rubbing me the wrong way.
  2. It pays to be a football star. Some people even get away with murder. You and I would face a jury innocent or not.
  3. All the more reason why the Salary Cap must be adjusted to mitigate the highest bracket of state taxes.
  4. That was the game that helped bring back instant replay. Too late for us though, we would have made a whole lot of noise in the Playoffs
  5. You are probably right, however, Buffalo did lose Daboll. It may mean very little or a lot. I would not say "easy division winner", I mean it is likely but not a given.
  6. Good, let them get stuck with a huge contract.
  7. Yeah, because White was never hurt...right? What a terrible thing for you to say really.
  8. I don't know this guy from a hole in the wall. Some posters claim he has been right about the niners on many previous occasions. IDK, all I have today is this type of speculation. Still, way too much if even close to being true.
  9. I hadn't considered that at all. Excellent point!
  10. Excellent idea. The particles that will be colliding are approximately the size of Woody's brain!
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