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  1. Even Better than great news Max, I'll still keep you and your family in my prayers.
  2. Proof that it is better to be lucky than good.
  3. Do you think he can make it that long? He might be out before preseason.
  4. 1969. The fans did not make that a reality.
  5. It does not matter. If there wasn't a vast majority or a consensus, they should have traded the second. I do not trust JD or Saleh with another QB decision.
  6. Hopefully Rodgers retires or goes back to the Peckers.
  7. Yeah they certainly know. JD and Saleh hit a grand slam in reverse with ZW. What a disgrace.
  8. Screw Rodgers and all that comes with him. Really
  9. Becton will probably not make it out of the preseason yet again.
  10. I like your idea but besides being. QB short, i also think that we havent the coaching staff to do it.
  11. Next best thing??? For what?? 3 or 4 games before going out for the season? No thanks.
  12. and quickly developed a hernia from laughing so hard.
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