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  1. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2022/06/21/jets-breece-hall-michael-carter-starter-backup/ The Jets’ backfield is a little bit crowded at the top now after adding Breece Hall in the second round of the draft. He joins Michael Carter, who was the Jets’ starter as a rookie last season, as another starting-caliber player battling for carries. That competition will sort itself out in training camp and early in the season, but it seems the Jets view Hall as the better option atop the depth chart. According to Connor Hughes of The Athletic, the Jets see Carter as “the Batman to Carter’s Robin,” and while New York will use both, “hall is the lead back.” The Jets like Carter a lot. They believe he’s a quality back. They’ve always viewed him as an ideal complement, though, in Mike LaFleur’s “running back by committee.” Hall, whom the Jets consider a home run threat, is now the Batman to Carter’s Robin. The Jets will use both, but Hall is the lead back. That’s not terribly surprising because Hall’s speed and playmaking ability are what made him the top running back in the 2022 class. Carter had his moments as a rookie last year, averaging 4.3 yards per carry with a long rush of 55 yards, but Hall can do it all. This will be one of the more fascinating camp battles to watch this summer.
  2. I find it so sad that a draft choice that so many (Me included), really loved has now turned out to be a polarizing figure among the Jets fans. I truly would love for him to turn it all around and shut me the heck up, I just don't see it happening. I wonder, will he even be a Jet next season?
  3. Like lack of love and dedication to this game.
  4. Look I am not a Boomer fan but in my experience (and I could be wrong because I do not listen to him daily) He would not have spoken if he knew nothing. Again, this is my opinion and nothing more.
  5. Finally some honesty. Even his walk has been awkward. I am hoping that he can turn it around and be great, but realistically, I don't believe it one bit.
  6. Hmm, NO!! Trade Becton, but no to Mayfield.
  7. I think that motivation is not at its best when you try to work out a 375 lbs plus body. I wonder if perhaps there such a thing as too big to play football (except for very rare cases). I cant fathom what it feels like.
  8. Even his walk looked a bit strange.
  9. WOW, I hope that this kid can hold it together. Good read, thanks for sharing.
  10. Is your contention that weight has no bearing on recovery time of knee injuries in General?
  11. It is 9 months. You claimed weight had nothing to do with recovery time. I gave you an article, now you give me one which specifically says that weight has nothing to do with recovery time.
  12. Oh really, where do your facts come from? " Medical practitioners have long advised patients to lose weight before knee surgery. Patients living with obesity, defined by a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, are especially warned of surgical complications, risk of infection and poor outcomes due to their high BMI.Jan 29, 2021:
  13. He shouldn't have ballooned to 400 lbs. End of story. https://larrybrownsports.com/football/jets-lineman-mekhi-becton-400-pounds/595894
  14. I actually enjoy your threads very much. Your own opinions are also very fair and centered. Never too much on one side or the other. We can disagree and still enjoy the content.
  15. I sincerely hope to find a failure of a coach just McVay, for the Jets.
  16. Unretaliated beating against the Pats as well.
  17. He also took an unmitigated beating without the team sticking up for him. I am only shocked that he did not have a season ending injury.
  18. agree and he also missed half the game when he injured his knee against the Pats in the second quarter.
  19. He also missed 4 games. that means that 57% came in 8 games. It is an increase in sacks taken absolutely, just not an extreme amount.
  20. Look you make fair points. However if we had to look at things in contexts, then records would mean absolutely nothing. Sack records, td records and such. You have to compare apples to apples. I did that. I only used the initial post's number to make a fair comparison. It would also help my case if I mentioned who Peyton's receivers were. My point is simply that completion percentage in year one means little and you can see that by looking at Peyton's completion % of year 2.
  21. Not so, you are just making assumptions based on your hatred for Wilson, and that's ok...It is your opinion, completion percentage is just that. Numbers do not lie.
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