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  1. If we improve the line, even our TE's will look better. In my mind, I see no urgent needs at TE, as a matter of fact, I see it as a pleasant surprise strength going forward. I could be wrong, but it is my opinion
  2. Yet the Maras have many rings to show for their efforts.
  3. So you are saying that it is colleges who discriminate. Good point.
  4. The data also suggests discrimination against caucasian players. How are we going to level that one off? Look, the best people for the position. End of story.
  5. Listen to Rob Parker explain to co-host Chris Broussard why he’s not happy with the direction of the NFL’s well-known ‘Rooney Rule’ and why he believes that it has become a laughably predictable charade at this point. The landmark rule named after former Steelers owner Dan Rooney was instituted in 2003 requiring NFL teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching jobs. Its main goal was to make sure the league always had a handful of minority head coaches around the NFL, but the rule only requires teams to offer interviews to minority candidates. Rob thinks many NFL teams have made a mockery of the rule and have simply checked their boxes by bringing in African-American candidates for ‘token interviews’ with no real desire of ever hiring them. For this reason, Rob thinks it’s nothing short of disgraceful when he hears that even candidates the likes of weathered former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis was being interviewed by the Dallas Cowboys, despite his name appearing like a complete longshot for the coveted position. Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has been one of the top candidates for a head coaching position the last few years, but has yet to make the jump to head coach, despite countless interviews. Many believe that some of Bieniemy's interviews were offered only to suffice the 'Rooney Rule'. Mike Tomlin of the Steelers, Anthony Lynn of the Chargers, and Ron Rivera of the Redskins are the league's only minority head coaches at the moment. Check out the audio below as Rob says the league needs to think about getting rid of the rule altogether, and details why it’s become embarrassing to minorities at this point. I am astounded that we still have these discussions. Most teams hire and fire coaches based on the belief that they are the best choice to try and win. Hiring because of race is the last thing that crosses my mind. I cannot believe that we are still insinuating racism in a league that is mostly composed of minorities and is vastly diverse. Personally, I've had enough of the BS accusations.
  6. Signing ANY RB without an offensive line is a stupid move. I said this way before the season. I believe that a Mediocre RB behind a very good offensive line, can look great. Terrible move but NOT because of the player, it was a horrible situation.
  7. Blowing up a team but Keeping Sam, would get him destroyed. I say get rid of who needs to go, strengthen then OL and work up from there.
  8. Also for Kraft's foreskin to get caught in his zipper while at a wh.....err...massage parlor.
  9. I thought that Leonard Williams was with the Giants now. (J/K)
  10. Quinnen Williams. I know he is young, but he reminds me an awful lot of Leonard, only not as good a run stopper.
  11. The only thing that he should be judged by is this. When the game was on the line, did he get them where they needed to be? Yes. End of story. You can look at yards, completions, TDs and so on, but if a great performance goes toward a loss. wtf does it matter? Good job Sam.
  12. This season, I've become a Darnold defender. Young kid, bad, bad situation, horrifying OL. Take your pick. What DOES worry me, is the fact that he is constantly missing the deep ball since the Dallas game. Some deep balls, he's missed by a lot. Thoughts?
  13. Nothing left to add. Perfect description. We're stuck with him until the end of next year.
  14. When it comes to the Pats, the NFL always appears to make BS calls in their favors. Give the refs an assist on yet another one.
  15. I don't wish that on anyone. I hope he gets better soon.

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