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  1. My Dad and I are headed down for the game just the two of us... any decent Jet tailgates happening?
  2. We need to get the ball into this mans' hands. Sanchez and company need a game of a lifetime for a win of a lifetime. This game could represent a changing of the guard within the AFCEast and AFC in general, or it could represent another failure to live up to Rex Ryan's expectations for this team. I have faith in the former.
  3. Any Tampa area fans heading to Peabody's for the game?
  4. Guy wants Randy Moss and Matt Forte for Malcom Floyd (I have Phillip Rivers) and MJD... Thoughts?
  5. Thanks man, that's what I'll probably end up going with
  6. It's a PPR league, I have a decision on my hands to start 2 RB's and 1 flex out of these available: Brandon Jackson @ DET Shonn Greene @ BUF Mike Tolbert @ ARI Tim Hightower @ SD Matt Forte @ NYG Wallace @ BAL Jacoby Jones @ OAK Right now I have Matt Forte as the must-start for that group... Debating about the others, any thoughts?
  7. I do remember Lewis saying that in the post-game interview.
  8. I see Kindergarten IQ and 3rd grade reading comprehension.
  9. Braylon is going to look like ZZ Top before the year is over, after last night I can't see us ever scoring a touchdown. Every time we get close enough Schotty will just call a fade route to Danny Woodhead in the back of the endzone.
  10. Ravens stuffing the run and putting the ball into Sanchez's hands for him to make plays. He is still the weakest link of the team IMO. Until he proves he can win games with his arm he is a liability in every game we play. He has the talent, his decision making is what makes me nervous.
  11. League 5 - Joe Namath's Drunks... If you've never done an auction before it's something different and more fun IMO.
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