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  1. yeah; not mentally tough, but Klecko-level natural strength. Rex knows that is hard to come by. Oh well.
  2. That's not fair, you big bully. Let the itch-scratching proceed!
  3. Sam Darnold scored from midfield. I saw Steve Young do that. If I'm a zombie then come here & give. me. some. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. Greg Buttle has earned the right to say what he wants. i'm envious; it looks like fun.
  5. The Man in Black could write songs about unheralded jags. Brady? He'd probably step on Brady's shoes one time; just to let him know.
  6. No; they won titles, for years in a row. BB accomplished a 20 year reign of terror that made Bill Walsh's corpse nervous. I think that comes with a price; low-drafting position. Your talent around your franchise players will have to be addressed in free agency, just to stay competitive.
  7. I'm a big fan of greasy; but this trade is stupid, and puts pressure on the coaching staff; all for a negligible gain at QB. Kyle Shanahan is desperate is desperate for a smooth operator like our #14. Let's get withering depth in front and behind Darnold; part-time witches and bitches that can break an opponents defense. Saleh would draw it out for us if the draft didn't prevent it.
  8. They probably want to distance themselves from a 2-win season. Sam is the Face of Last Season.
  9. We got the picks We. Got. The. Picks. We GOT THE PICKS YEAAAHH! wegotthepicks!
  10. I had a contact in business; he played with Pete Carroll, in the backfield at UOP. Pete is a very "confident" backfield coach and he over reached with this Adams business. What is the karma with Pete Carroll ending up with a raw deal from the Jets
  11. You mean "Guam message board; Jamaica lotta posts and look like a TUrkey. And Max - Egypt you." right?
  12. This thread is why I don't wear rainbows, on my back. The man asked a question. I find the static confusing. What will we do to SUPPORT SAM?
  13. You're on target with the Manish reference. Coz is getting killed on Jets Twitter; for setting the lines in an imaginary power struggle between HC and the GM. I was stunned. Nothing on "Big Joe's Adventure"; all about re-hashing qualifications that are moot at this point. The Post is useless.
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