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  1. All these guys are deaf. jk I can feel how all that Marshall gain is just wrecking the recording studio. Throbbing. Thanks munch
  2. "Giving Jets fans 'the business' since 1960"
  3. I'll take "Those Goddamn Jets" for $600, Alex.
  4. Used to see Rory at My Father's Place. He opened for Rush, lucky you! lol
  5. Fields looks like he'd be comfortable with the Jets; this game resembles Pats-Jets oh yeah
  6. Because he's throwing to James Lofton, Andre Reed and Thurman Thomas, that's why.
  7. Darnold would be steadier! With a new QB Darnold the play was to retain Anderson; money in the bank. But we have draft picks...yeeesh

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