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  1. The reverse jinx, eh? hmmmm Tom Brady brings a spiritual winningness everywhere he goes. God loves Tom Brady because Tom Brady is God.
  2. Drag him out there like KOB; to throw that deep strike. One last time.
  3. They changed their official name to "THe Commanders", now. I think that other name was a TV prank.
  4. UT what is your quick take; if we did pick him up? Too many smurfs?
  5. Boy he's a smart football player. He can change the culture a bit.
  6. You know Terry Bradway wanted Russell Wilson; and being that Bollinger and RWil both were < 6' tall, from Wisconsin... Terry did not show, in that race.
  7. With Michael Bennett it was a competitive group; as was said: get a pass rush. They got a guy that can stay on the field in pressure packages. Pete was all in wayyy in probably too much. They needed a seady RB and had nothing to ake pressure off #5
  8. PTSD PTSD PTSD!!!! Ironically I heard that one of their non-believers is now in the psychology game. Collecting stories for ESPN. something like that
  9. My crappy day is now a grease stain on the internet. Did you just kick me in the chest? What is this voodoo I can't hide from my life
  10. Why not ask Simon Cowell what he thinks. you guise
  11. I paid money to see Carrot Top but only heard rumors of Carrot-Bottom. hmmm
  12. Cindy had to buy them beer? wtf is this? You're supposed to vet these things, man. I blame these atmospheric rivers...something off here
  13. Hey man Happy birthday

    1. Untouchable


      Appreciate it bud

  14. It's not cool, you idiot! He might know what he's DOING
  15. The Niners picked up Elijah Mitchell in the 6th round....pretty cool. Pretty pretty cool
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