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  1. Its been a while since I have been on here but I want to wish everyone a happy day whatever religion you celebrate
  2. Last time my friend was on the website tickets were selling fast I dont have the best seats but at least I can say I went to see my team play I hope they win!
  3. I am excited. This will be my frist game I get to see!
  4. Hey I am going to the game in Toronto on Dec. 3.. is anyone in here going to the game?
  5. Hey, I am not sure who made the Jets video but whoever did it did a awesome job.
  6. I am realy hyped up about this season. I understand its the first game but we did great with a rookie quarterback. Lets hope the whole season has more ups then downs with this team! Bring on the Pats!
  7. so what have i missed? :)

  8. well thank you sir! How have you been? :) *dust off the spiderwebs!

  9. Its been really hot here but we have had really bad thunderstorms and tornados hit in Toronto! yikes!
  10. ouch! Gloom, doom, oh well we are all going to die, we have 24 hours to live... *oh what **** can i get into for the last hours of my life? LOL
  11. I couldnt handle having my parents on facebook! They would be snooping through pics.. However, good thing they dont know how to use the computer soo much!
  12. Dont forget the show THE TUDORS! Thats a great show. Could you be a king and have 6 wives?
  13. Thanks for the welcome! How have you been #27thedominator?
  14. I have been fine. YOu know doing the usuall thing ...Work, enjoy life with friends. how about yourself, Lonestarlady? Btw, I am a winner, my mom tells me all the time!
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