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  1. How any independent fan can NOT think this league is rigged. penalty calls changing the game.... bullshlt calls.
  2. I think we’re the same age give or take....🤣Not to mention @The Crusher knew it immediately.
  3. I would add to that , that with no proof, I would absolutely understand a player NOT playing his best here under these circumstances. Crappy GM, suspect organization, no QB your first 2 years....
  4. is this a football site if the galloping gourmet? 🤣
  5. Same here in Charlotte.... I did however notice that this game was NOT listed among notable games later when Panthers were playing. We get dissed almost 24/7.
  6. but you’re just a lowly fan... what do you know. everyone knows this is a safety driven league. 😡 I HATE MAC.
  7. Either of whom SHOULD have been Jets
  8. In the 24 years of the organization, they have done so much more than the Jets in the last 45 years. look at their drafts, player development, etc. It is as absolute as you can get in proof that management is more important than players.
  9. Jamies is pretty bad..... SMH bad.
  10. THIS is what 99 percent of Charlotte hopes for and thinks will happen. CAM is a distraction.

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