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  1. The EXACT formula that ruined ESPN. WFAN will start covering the WNBA draft.....
  2. We have been embarrassed on national TV many times as well. Butt fumble, 45-3 loss to Pats...
  3. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    Woody is the common denominator. We are a candy bar he bought.
  4. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    Dont let JUNK read your post. He'll tell you the Giants are simply lucky and we were not.
  5. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    AND... watching the JETS, Bills and FINS stack their defense with Defensive line men, 1st rounders and Free agents. What have we accomplished? NOTHING. Brady is still the best QB to play since maybe forever and we and the other AFC East teams have wasted picks, ignored our offense and simply at BEST have stayed the same. Think about it.. The PATS have drafted 2-3 QBs and traded them away that are probably better than any Jets QB in the last 10 years.
  6. The NFL has a big problem

    Agreed.... was out shopping and watched a tatted, lumberjack kind of guy, (im sure a good guy) walk into a sportsbar with a Black and gold hard hat, Rothesberger jersey on ready to plop down in the bar for 4 hours. I used to do that... no more. I watched a bit og the NE game. Saw the bad calls, bad coaching by Bowles etc. I no longer go out of my way to watch the NFL. If its on..ill watch but Ive been reading a LOT more, working on hobbies etc. Do NOT miss the NFL.
  7. This team has me loosening my bowels after this performance.
  8. We are a pretty badly managed team. we have young talent in spots.... but we have no path to being a 10 and 6 or more team in our plans. We are not developing a QB nor have we drafted one. YET.... decent QBs have been drafted. Wilson, Brisset, Watson come to mind. Oh... and we are run by the brother of the Trust fund baby.
  9. Chris Johnson.... that is enough said. The JETS are a toy to these clowns. We are doomed.
  10. Agreed. This team may as well have kept REX. The above is his playbook. What does Bowles bring that REX didnt?
  11. I’m working around the house, listening to play by play and I turned it off.
  12. Yep.... all the fans who flew down, booked hotels, got pumped for the new young defense, offense scoring points. We will be respected. NOT. SOJ......
  13. So can’t get the game in NC..... how’d we do??? can’t tell from this thread.😩