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  1. Johnny 8-ball throwing today...

    Thats too much work for Manziel.
  2. We will undoubtedly be on the wrong end of the pick. You know, Ryan Lief/Peyton Manning, Sam Bowie Jordan. Some yellow jacket or SB QB will be taken right after we draft.
  3. Several retired players live here in Charlotte, many current players. Ive spoken to many who know my passion for the Jets. They all tell me, with an apology, they told their agents, PLEASE, not the Jets. Im sure there was a window here , window there but in general, we have shown little to attract real FA talent. Can you blame Cousins?
  4. Unfortunately this is the market. We NEED absolutely NEED a QB, Colts don't. I would have like to have ONLY given up 2 seconds but .... we haven't had a 2nd round pick play in 10 years so you could argue we gave up nothing.
  5. Trading Up Will Happen

    But look at that attitude. "Can you picture him in a gold jacket." I dont think that was our approach with ANY QB we have ever drafted. Woody took Sanchez, IMO, for the flash, the media pop and yes upside but I dont think anyone EVER described mark in the same terms as a Rivers, manning etc. I wonder if we ever drafted a player with that in mind in the last 10 years? Revis, Mangold, Brick come to mind. I like the attitude. Pick a player you believe will wear a gold jacket. Not always possible...
  6. Trading Up Will Happen

    In 1983 , in college , I joked that all I wanted was a JET superbowl in my lifetime (other than 1969). It was funny then. Its not funny anymore.
  7. The Sheldon dream is dead...

    Like the new avatar. BIG ELP fan. saw them at the garden in 77 with orchestra and many times after that.
  8. The Sheldon dream is dead...

    Why?? This team is GREAT at getting fukked twice. Revis did it and half the young fans on this board think he is GOD. Seriously though. Im with you. I NEVER want to see Sheldon again.
  9. I heard that when we signed McCown.... he chose the JETS. It was a difference maker.
  10. And that’s a threat???? we haven’t had a good draft since 2008. 😁
  11. I’m thinking OP is a chick???
  12. Interesting Tweet

    OK I stand corrected. OTHER than Jetstream, it has quite a few accomplished graduates.
  13. Interesting Tweet

    Lehigh is a solid choice ...engineering?
  14. BIlls new GM is no dope.... don’t under estimate him.
  15. Interesting Tweet

    Really... even if we drafted Clemson players we could get better. 😁 BTW... you see how hard it is to get in Clemson now? Out of state is VERY difficult. Amazing what a good sports program does to applications.