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  1. I thought he was talking about REX 2011 and after.
  2. I would like to back my car over MAC if he were walking in the parking lot.
  3. Did you have to bring up Joe Walton???? I was having a nice morning.
  4. Darnolds pick and a few misses seem to be lack of communication as he is playing with 3rd stringers. he in my mind is the least of our problems. We have waited a lifetime for a QB and now that he is here, he is playing with the practice squad. We literally have NO TALENT on offense. 8 years of MAc and Idzik have ripped this team to shreds.
  5. Yes but being the tallest midget means what? He is a below 500 coach, made Buffalo worse and never got involved in offense, simply let Shotty or whoever he hired, run with it. Baltimore let him walk and has never looked back. Harbaugh is a true professional coach. Rex is a character, as is his brother. Rex doesn't have the mental fortitude to be prepared for a full 16 games, both sides of the ball, player development etc and then the playoffs. He simply isn't capable. and the numbers back it up.
  6. The Pats are 10 and 3 with a 42 year old QB and a terrible offense. BB is better than any coach or GM we have had in 20 years.
  7. Russel Wilson, Mahommes, Watson all were available. yet we had Geno, FITZ and our GM thought we were fine. Woody is a Schmuck. .
  8. Speculation.... but what is fact is they are a better team, top to bottom and they have NO advantage over us except better run.
  9. We are being beaten by a team that is well run. Players come and go.. we haven’t been in the playoffs for 9 years. THAT is on Woody not injuries. The Ravens refused REX, we treated him as a savior. THAT is the difference.
  10. Disagree... this game is a culmination of bad GM for 8 years.
  11. Absolutely. You can’t be this bad for 10 years and blame players. woody is a complete boob. Ravens are a poor mans team. winning the right way. No Tom Brady, No Billicek and they win, year in, year out . They refused to have REX. 90 percent of our fans would let REX coach tomorrow. Management wins championships, not defense.
  12. Just stop already. We are poorly run. Until management changes, nothing changes.

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