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  1. I drove up... the other guys stayed. Had a commitment last night. This course was breath taking. I shot an 89 which sounds awful but I lost 3 balls. elevation changes, FAST greens, 3 putted a LOT. LOVED the course.
  2. So I just played Primland Golf resort in Virginia. unfriggin believable. PLUSH, upscale, hard as heck and beautiful , worth the 250 per round. Google it. @JiF @14 in Green
  3. I did not read them in order, but I would suggest the Lions of Lucerne as they are making a movie of that book. Brad Thor is awesome.
  4. Any one read Brad Thor? He is awesome.
  5. I found corn in my bowel movement after a barbecue on Sunday.
  6. Try the veal, oh wait, I meant Venison, best in the city.
  7. Well we just saw that the idiot MAC gave Hackenburg a 1.5 signing bonus so these guys can justify holding out for a gazillion dollars.
  8. The 80's answer to Kellen Clemens except better. Always liked him.
  9. I get it but Kindle is great for older guys like me as the light from behind helps ti read.
  10. I use Kindle and I am now reading about a book every month in Spanish. Im fairly advanced in Spanish BUT it is still a slower process to read in Spanish. I am now reading Michael Connelly, book 1 "Black Echo", the "Bosch" series in Spanish. I will read the next 3 or 4. I have found various authors who write directly in Spanish and have read many of their books. But yes, KINDLE is friggin awesome. When I dont know a word etc... I just touch it and a translation pops up.
  11. I always joke with fans that I can’t believe they let Jeter wear Jerry Kenny’s number and that Roy White will always be my number 6. I’m actually serious about Roy White.
  12. Interesting take but when the Yankees were a joke, he was the only respectable player we had. But yes, I won't debate it. I understand he did not win. Who do you have as 6-10?

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