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  1. I fully am invested in the idea that a "REAL" football man won't work for Woody. We get rookie HC's and GM's. That's it. Imagine Bill Parcells or his ilk reporting to Chris Johnson. They would kill themselves first.
  2. Those "Buddy's" are now in their 20's and 30's ruining this country. I hated it 25 years ago when it started.
  3. Exactly... I have "BURNED" in my memory the thread.. "Jets hit pay dirt with McCagnon and Bowles"
  4. I have lived in Charlotte 25 years now... I feel like native. So many people have asked my opinion of Robby Anderson and now Sam. I think Sam will do OK here. Jake Delhomme type talent. He, IMO, can be a starter here for 6-10 years. Just surround him with talent the way they did for Jake Delhomme.
  5. We suck because we have drafted shltty for more than 11 years in a ROW. It's almost unbelievable. YET JUNK posters on this board defend the owner. Woody is amongst the worst owners in sports.
  6. I’ve said that a thousand times and get crushed here. A real football man doesn’t want to answer to Woody, much less Chris.
  7. THe Johnson are terrible owners. It’s that simple. This thread title is puts in in a perfect bow. woody leaves a billion dollar business to his unaccomplished brother.
  8. Read Casserly’s wiki page. He is a complete moron. The fact that the Johnsons listened to him speaks volumes.
  9. He has time for this??? Isn’t he searching for the killer?
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