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  1. I’m in Spain, watched a bullfight last night .. the bull had a better chance than the JETS. 😀
  2. southparkcpa

    Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    Revis talent and Carson’s heart... you have the best defensive player , top 3, in NY ever possibly.
  3. southparkcpa

    Revis officially retires

    Exactly. the price Revis pays for being a selfish prick is that many fans hate him. Im quite certain he doesn’t care, he never did. NEVER.
  4. southparkcpa

    Revis officially retires

    I did.....
  5. southparkcpa

    Revis officially retires

    FUKK Revis..... I hope he does not get in. POS selfish player.
  6. southparkcpa

    Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    Revis is a POS mercenary. Any JET fan who wears his jersey is in my view, a narcissist. HOF? Probably. Holdout HOF first ballot.
  7. southparkcpa

    Jets Biggest Rival

    I agree but lately it’s the JETS.
  8. You guys are all pussys. I went to Brentwood High school. Home of MS 13. 😀 you guys were in a country club compared to me. Brentwood high school....where there were white bathrooms, black bathrooms and Latino bathrooms and you knew where to go and not to. Serious though, I had no issues, we all got along well. All good!
  9. southparkcpa

    By The Way ...

    We just released Devin Smith.. plenty of room now. 😛
  10. Macs resume was exactly what’s I wanted in a GM. But talk about a guy who appears to have faked his way through. The NOW GM of the Bills was our intern 22 years ago in Charlotte as a 22 year old out of Wilmington UNC. TRUE. Marty Hurny , GM of Panthers, is a member of my golf club. Told me that the JETS stole Geno and he would be a great QB and Dee Milner was special. these GMs aren’t necessarily smarter than a solid fan in talent evaluation.
  11. He hangs with Stephen Hill near the hot dog vendor at gate 11.
  12. southparkcpa

    I do understand some fans indignation

    I wasn’t under the impression that we as fans discard the online? We were at our best when we had Brick, Mangold, Faneca. All Manginis faults... he understood this. Then come REX. Look at the Eagles, they have solid 2nd and 3rd round players starting ...
  13. southparkcpa

    Moderator Page - need bio help

    Lots of strange bars in your past you want to talk about???
  14. southparkcpa

    Moderator Page - need bio help

    I thought being a MOD was a big deal... now they let YOU in? There goes the neighborhood.
  15. Just a day in the life of a JETS fan. Embarassed on national TV. I saw live (on TV) both of these debacles. The late Kosar hit MUST get honorable mention, the end zone pick against Buffalo in 1981 comeback playoff game and the Bledsoe hit by Moe.