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  1. and this board was lead to believe the deal was done, waiting on Aaron to approve it. Clearly we had 10 pages of BS speculation so you're point is well taken and proven correct.
  2. But we did get a disgruntled box safety.
  3. Absolutely….. Im no Becton fan. Id say he wants a big check and play video games. Waiting on the kool aiders to neg rep me. Id like to see him succeed….. but wont mortgage it.
  4. That whole team had an aura about it. Frazier, Debuscherre, Barnes, The Pearl. What a period in NY basketball.
  5. You forgot all the walking, traveling, double dribble etc that happens today. It's such bullsit. It looks more like playground ball now. I swear, not kidding, I wonder who goes to the games. In my social circle there is 1 person who goes to NBA games.
  6. Absolutely….. a LEGEND!
  7. Im still trying to identify something he excels at. What are his strengths????
  8. My step daughter is a junior at Ohio State. I bought a #55 Mangold jersey, OSU that I wear when I go up there. Crazy thing.. people up there comment and respect Mangold but after debating it with the OSU tailgaters etc.... they tell me that Mangold is not even in the top 25 of OSU football players. Amazing that as great a Jet as he was, he is not in any list of great OSU players top 25.
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