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  1. I didn't say that.. I said "experience". He has never held a job. OK you can compare him to other bad owners, I'll agree but Woody is amongst the worst owners in sports. As a CPA having worked with Fortune 500 talent and entrepreneur's, I have seen guys that I know would absolutely make a quick impact on an NFL team. They have learned how to process information, make decisions, cut their losses etc. Woody has experienced so little of this.
  2. Woody is still a very bad owner in the class of Snyder. he is spoken by nit just me but many many pundits as amongst the worst in sports.
  3. They have no real experience themselves so they get coerced by outsiders. I don’t think Tanny was that good. we had 2 good drafts under Tanny and many BIG misses as well.
  4. I really don't see the need for the orange helmet. A pure JETS helmet now is the symbol of SUCK!!!!!
  5. Arizona also fired Steve Wilkes after ONE season. They weren't gonna screw around. We hang on to stink like shlt. sorry, @Biggs didn't realize you said basically the same thing. WE SUCK!
  6. Jesus wouldn’t be able to tolerate the Johnsons stupidity.
  7. So they throw money at something but don’t know how to do it. They have FALIED at the one thing they need to do.
  8. 90 percent of the Carolinas would agree with you.
  9. Panthers cutting Newton starting to look pretty astute.
  10. watching Garrapalo run over Belicheat and Brady playing well makes me happy.
  11. Just spit out a mouthful of salad...... THAT was funny!
  12. Who we gonna beat????? App State on our schedule?
  13. I’d think he is related to Woody. His acceptance of Woodys well below average track record is admirable. Woodys main job is hire good people.... he hasn’t.

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