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  1. I was eating at a restaurant in Carolina beach, watching practice and saw a 10 jersey at training camp. thought…. They’re probably still paying Holmes.
  2. Thank you LOVE your reports!!!! is it true Gase was spotted selling Kool aid and in the entrance area???
  3. Agreed again… we’ve had a great run but I use 6 percent in my projections. Most of my clients got about 13 to 20 last year BUT I think the S and P over 20 years has now dipped below 8 percent but I could be mistaken st the beach with a beer
  4. Agreed but those are not office jobs rank and file. They are usually upper management or true professionals with real talent
  5. We’re gonna compare a football player with an average life span of 6 years to an office worker? BTW deferred comp in an office is almost always voluntary. Not forced on you unless it’s ISOs or similar.
  6. SAD but true. I like what I am seeing but we are a 10 year in a row losing team basically and have become a bottom 3rd team. let’s see a team actually compete and then we can all blow smoke up JDs ass. right now, he owns a 2 and 14 record.
  7. maybe…. But maybe he was asking MUCH more and JD didn’t budge. We just don’t know.
  8. It might tell the league that we are finally run well and coming here to die isn’t in the cards. I’m no agent but I like that JD doesn’t give away the farm like Tanny, MAC and Dickzik.
  9. Aint much going on in Canton Ohio except the HOF. My GF's family is from Canton. I go quite a bit. I went 2 summers ago, wore my Namath jersey in. Couldn't wait to get out of Canton! Enjoy!!!!
  10. Yes... that's the place. I went there 2 years ago in fact to see a game.
  11. My brother lives in Palm Harbor , one of my best friends lives in North Tampa. I have a client in Clearwater.. so I am there a LOT. In the video you linked , I’m in the Namath jersey.
  12. Sunday 830. I started the club in 2009 but am not really involved much anymore. It will be there Saturday and Sunday supporting the group. ask for me on Sunday.
  13. Yes..I’ve been to the The Tampa club many times. Steve and I are friends, we designed the club after his. It’s not at Peabodys anymore I don’t believe. but yes, attendance in Charlotte has been hurt by the Gase years as well.
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