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  1. southparkcpa

    Mo out for the season

    Well... it doesn’t bother me. Mo played us like a fiddle. He’s the type of player that will not return even when team DR OKs him. He’ll hire his own guy to disputes it. It’s the Revis school of football. Fans are suckers ....
  2. southparkcpa

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    Instead of countering the debate on Bowles, tell us what he is good at, why he should be the Jets HC? Let’s hear your opinion. If you owned the JETS right now, is Bowles your guy?
  3. southparkcpa

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    Disagree. REX at least had a game plan for big games. Bowles is simply not mentally capable to handle the job.
  4. southparkcpa

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    REX is a football mind.... he also was not quite what we thought BUT he is light years ahead of Bowles. REX was a DC more than a year, grew up in a football family etc.
  5. southparkcpa

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    We did see more..... more shlt. He is NOT mentally suited to be a leader of men.
  6. southparkcpa

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    worst JETS coach since Kotite. ALl of his defenders here.... the great football minds etc spoke of Bowles with reverence, HE has done NOTHING to warrant any consideration. He should be fired almost immediately.
  7. southparkcpa

    2019 IS THE YEAR

    If you think the current management team and superb head coach and his hand picked yes men of the JETS is capable of navigating through a solid draft, free agency, the development of our young QB and other players. Capable of instilling a team first attitude, reducing penalties and then game plan for each playoff game to NOT be out coached to get to a SB, I have a bridge I want to offer you at half price.
  8. southparkcpa

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    Good.... I sometimes hope we are 1 and 15 to fully show beyond ANY doubt that Bowles sucks.
  9. But MAC would have. He , much like REX, has shown little skill in evaluating college talent and development.
  10. Agreed... but we have had rookie HC's for 20 years now. Sad to think REX was the best amongst them.
  11. Because the bottom 12 teams are run poorly. Players come and players go, but the thread in bad organizations is management. This team is run and owned by Woody and now Chris. Rich kids who have accomplished NOTHING in life.
  12. What does Bowles do well? He is an overhyped DC with one good year as a DC. ONE year as a DC. He is simply not HC material. ITs that simple.
  13. southparkcpa


    RTP NY JETS Carolina jet Redneck Jet..... LOL
  14. southparkcpa

    Get Off the Ledge Why Darnold will be a WInner!!

    Every talks about SOJ fans... I think this board is fairly united that Darnold is fine and will develop. What we are saying is that Bowles in in his 4th year of sh*tty football, its Jets management and coaching that we are rebelling against. We have weak talent but no real reason we couldn't be 3-0 right now. But NOT with Bowles. He is not mentally suited to be a HC.

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