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  1. I’d still take Bonillas side... the rate of return for the S and P has not been 8 percent since 2000. perhaps you or I could have managed it but a non revocable annuity is probably the best thing Bonilla did.
  2. interesting comment... I am a CFP and haven’t done the calculation but I would take Bonillas side. I am very confident that the 5.9 mil , under the conditions from 2000 to now would not have produced 1.2 million for 25 years. We don’t have the contract but when it says, plis 8 percent interest, I am not certain if that is included in the 1.2 or in addition to. EDIT so I found this. https://www.businessinsider.com/chart-contract-new-york-mets-bobby-bonilla-2013-7
  3. I’ve sang it Karaoke with my GF drunk one night.
  4. Yeah... you weren’t born so your going on here say.😂 BUT, it just might be BUT in that same era, Meatloaf Bat out of Hell was Incredible as well.
  5. LA Woman Kashmir Born to RUN. And I despise Springsteen.
  6. If Jets were a golf ball they would be a an X out water ball sold to basic amateurs on the side of the road in Myrtle Beach. Most likely put in the water by @14 in Green or @JiF😂
  7. He didn’t last long enough IMO but yes he sucked.
  8. Who were the (4) worst Jets figures in history I’ll go with: 1) worst HC-Rich Kotite 2) worst GM-McCacgon, HM Idzik 3) worst draft bust-Vernon Gholston 4) worst free agent signing- OK, O’Donnell is hard to beat BUT I have had 2 drinks. I’m sure there were worse.
  9. Worst GM Rex!!!!! I just spit out really good scotch you bastid!!!!!!
  10. I would add Quinton Coples. 1st rounder that NEVER had an impact.
  11. Fan I know nick named him D Brickashaw turnstile in the first season. Brick figured out the speed in about 5-6 games and the rest is history.
  12. Yes but he has now shown he has the ability of a back up plan. As most are saying... nice to see a competent GM. Any of our previous GMs would have already paid Adams more than a safety is worth and Douglas is behaving like a real GM. Luck is Darnold falling to us but our previos GM had to trade 3 Seconds to get him.

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