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  1. reminds me of Sterns Stuttering John at a Tommy Lasorda book signing back in the 90s. Tommy, now that you're fat again, do you have to give Nutri system their money back??? Followed with the classic... Tommy, ever fart in the catchers face???
  2. They look like they are rebuilding??? I see no evidence of that.
  3. I’m with and have been with OP since 2016 actually….. It’s so sad how little this team has done. You could do NOTHING and be where the Jets are. Ive been wanting to do San analysis of Jets drafts last 5 years and Kipers or Mc Shays best available just to see. We could have and should have drafted Russell Wilson or Mahommes or I believe Watson but we didn’t. A QB league and since 2012, we have been playing bums. Zach aside.
  4. Agreed he’s making 7 figures working 9 months a year…. He’s filthy rich. Why tarnish his reputation with this dumpster fire.
  5. I stand corrected!!! Thank you. So… we can be 12 and 5 was your point correct???
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