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  1. The gift that keeps on giving

    Think about that.... they have a former HS QB coach as our QB and they believe we should want to be excited to go to a game.
  2. Agreed... I’m so sick and fukkin tired of the so called good fans here saying how good we have been etc. They defend Rex and Herm and Woody and now Bowles for “over achieving”. That’s horse shlt, Parcells for all his faults was spot on. Your record says everything.
  3. Mediocre comes from the term medium, which would be average. Average would, by definition be 8 and 8 applying simple mathematics. My good man... we will not be 8 and 8. We are not even mediocre. 😀
  4. The gift that keeps on giving

    Blow me..... I’ve been a fan for a LONG time. Jets head covers, golf balls, jerseys , hats, etc. Make no mistake, they take us for granted. These players and management think of us as sheep.
  5. The gift that keeps on giving

    When we get a reasonable answer at QB... I’ll start going to games again. I took the year off after running a fan club here in NC since 2009. i watched about 1.5 hours total of NY Jets football. Pats game, Panther game and I can’t even remember the other. I played golf, traveled, I’m studying Spanish and did that. I LOVE the Jets , since the Namath days but I intrinsically feel that the NFL takes us for granted. The Jets organization has shown little in the past few years to have me believe it is a competent group. Does Woody care??? I believe he does but he meddles in this like a kid. When we invest in and develop the most important position, I’ll pay attention, it was fun watching our young defense develop but they will go nowhere without a QB.
  6. Who gives us the best chance to win????
  7. I’m in Barcelona... a little of both. LOVE this place reminds me of NY. Hustle, quick pace but few buildings above 8 stories.
  8. Sad but true..... Marino on this team, like many others would not have been developed. We would have brought in a defensive coach, drafted safeties etc. We’ve seen this movie too many times.
  9. Hard to blame them.... ruin your career for a team destined to be 6 and 10????? i don’t like it but if I had a BIG payday coming and a statistical probability of being unemployed via injury in 2 years, I might play soft too. These guys, like most fans, have stopped showing up.
  10. Agreed. I commuted as a CPA 2 hours sometimes one way listened to Howard in the morning, M and MDog afternoons. They entertained me. That’s all,I asked for. It’s time for him to go but he is a legend. Love him or hate him.
  11. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    I’m in Spain bitches.... please keep me updated. I asked for football at the bar and these SOBs put a soccer game on. GO JETS!!!!! It’s 10pm here.
  12. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    Who... 2 years ago was out of the league, coaching a NC high school team.
  13. Im in agreement too... But lets hope we get a functioning QB and our offensive coaching staff stays in place.