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  1. southparkcpa

    I need a new hobby. Any suggestions???

    So.. were probably about the same age. I took up Spanish 2 years ago and it has dominated ALL of my free time. I don't know how to explain it but I am hooked. I have traveled to Spain and Mexico to do "immersion programs". I SKYPE with someone from Bolivia and someone from Argentina weekly and I frequent my local Columbian restaurant as well. I never watch basic TV anymore. I read books in Spanish and I am watching "Better call Saul" in Spanish. Si te gustaria, te puedo mandar sugerencias en la manera mejor para comenzar. Tambien, veo las noticias en espanol.
  2. southparkcpa

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    Until Peyton won a SB, he was "bottom elite". Thats my opinion. He is the "Greg Norman" of the NFL. Always will be thought of as great BUT there would be other QB's in history you might pick before him if you were going into a game and it was a MUST win. I wont debate Chad with you. His body of work does NOT deserve any debate. He hasn't accomplished anything worthy of debate.
  3. southparkcpa

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    Can you blame him?🤣
  4. southparkcpa

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    Only the old guys get that joke....
  5. southparkcpa

    I just bought a new truck,,,

    That’s nothing compared to SARS leased BMW 😀
  6. southparkcpa

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    We have a different view on Elite. Elite win BIG games. He never did, never had a chance maybe but never did. A big game is not the 41 zip game or even the Green Bay game. A big game is deep in the playoffs. I'd say Mark won big games not Chad. He will simply always be a "What could have been". Example, he was not injured when we lost to Oakland the following week. We never won more than 10 games under Chad.
  7. southparkcpa

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    So did a lot of bad QB's. Chad lost to Oakland after the 41 zip game. He played poorly. He threw what 4 picks against the Ravens when he played for the Fins? Chad when healthy was a good QB. He was not an elite QB and he was never going to take a team on his back. When facing real competition in the playoffs where we lost, he played poorly even when healthy .
  8. southparkcpa

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    That picture of Bowles with the shlt eating grin really ruins the story.
  9. southparkcpa

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    When Chad beat the Colts 41 zip, I thought we were set for 10 years. Imagine a healthy Chad under a REX 2009 2010 team. The CURSE continues.
  10. That makes all the difference.... 😀
  11. southparkcpa

    Safety Vacarro might meet with Jets.

    To think... he was a 1st rounder. SMH
  12. southparkcpa

    Safety Vacarro might meet with Jets.

    Where’s Kyle Wilson....
  13. southparkcpa

    RIP Chuck Knox

    I was in college in Buffalo NY at the time so I had a LOT riding on this. I was home for XMAS break and watched it with family and like you said... an entire room went silent.
  14. southparkcpa

    RIP Chuck Knox

    That game broke my heart.........
  15. Id say he did OK............