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  1. Russel Wilson should be a JET. I’m still pissed.
  2. I’m 59… I remember being a kid from basically 1971 to 1979 the Jets sucked. NO ONE was a Jets fan. Then the period from about 1987 to 1996, couldn’t give tickets away THIS may be the worst. You couldn’t suck this bad if you tried. It is absolutely ownership.
  3. Agreed. He may have been our best player.
  4. you could copy and paste this post and use it every year since 2012 and probably for many years into the future.
  5. Robby has played well since going to Carolina….
  6. I’m here….. shlt ton of Jets gear, other than last week HERE in Charlotte, I won’t spend a dime on this dumpster fire, Woody is an atrocious business man.
  7. Same thing…. Good businessmen know how to hire . Johnsons have never really even had a W2 They are some of the most unaccomplished men
  8. Absolutely. We have no real players. You want to laugh? You probably have a Chad Pennington poster on the wall. We haven’t had one top QB since Woody arrived. Zach isn’t playing well but this is deeper than one player. Drink the Kool aid my friend. We are. 2 and 14 team last year when Zach was in college.
  9. Where is @nyjunc praising the ownership acumen of the Johnsons??. 4 years of Chris Johnson and here we are.
  10. It’s NOT the QB. It’s management. Darnold will be IMO the number 11 to 13 QB in the league at year end.
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