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  1. I say he is a HOFer..... but if you google it, many writers etc... say he is borderline. We''ll know in 5 years or so....
  2. Add to that he played in his brothers shadow, won as many SB's as Peyton, Ben, on teams less talented. He showed up everyday 100 percent as a pro. Compared to the bullshlt we trotted out as QB's since 2004.
  3. Winning would bring more money..... it’s hard work that requires top management, That’s not Woody. Unfortunately.
  4. Understood... but in my line of work, I have seen extremely smart people that make good decisions based on facts. I’d have found that the majority of people who call upper management suits either work in government or simply don’t see that to get a board seat on any public company, you generally bring some skill to the table. Take Schultz of Starbucks. You don’t think his opinion would bring value to a board? Trust me I see your point... but 95 percent of the success in this world is controlled by suits for a good reason. It’s brains and well brains.
  5. He basically had a condo in jersey. I’d thought he lived in Louisiana ?
  6. yes and it's awesome. BUT I heard it got acquired by Anhueser Busch.
  7. Big Cotchery fan.... went to an NC State game 2 years ago with tickets I got from Cotchery's cousin who works here at a client of mine. We went in Jets Cotchery jerseys....
  8. I'll take what's a perfect response for 1,000 Alex.
  9. You should have said Jerry Kenny, that was number 2 back in the early 70s.
  10. Greatest Yankee in 60 years. Number 6 all time in my list. Just enjoy the talent, leadership and class he brought.
  11. Curtis won a bunch of world championships??? Played at the highest level in the playoffs?

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