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  1. Dude....be reasonable, he needed movía and popcorn money. 😂
  2. You have something against Starbucks?
  3. My body wants to be 192-195 pounds. If I ate what I wanted with some limits and still exercise Id be 190-192. I ran a marathon in Dec 2017 and got down to 180. I can barely run now, changed my workout to more "HIIT" stuff and am 183 and I see cuts Ive never seen before. I guess my question for the crew is , who still "runs" as their major thing? Here is my client and personal trainer. From Nyack NY. He went to Wake Forest on a track scholarship, is 47. Says he stopped running years ago and put on this muscle. Check out his videos, instagram etc.
  4. ELP LIVE well come back my friends Steely Dan. AJA Eagles. Hotel California Miles Davis. Kind of Blue John Coltrane. Blue Train.
  5. are you doing any weight training for your legs? Squats, machines etc? I think you should be. Not heavy..enough weight to do 20 reps of something. Touching the floor with 25 pound dumbbells in each hand stretches your legs, helps your back, squats, etc.
  6. I disagree in general on low pay theory but the rest I understand. I have seen "fans" who would be screaming at the TV who to pick and yet we pick "Stephen Hill, Vlad Ducasse, Kyle Wilson, Coples etc." It doesn't take a scouting department to NOT choose Pryor or Ducasse or Stephen Hill. A computer model would have done a better job and I am serious. The money ball theory would work in the NFL in my opinion. Like counting cards in Vegas, seems like no big deal but a small advantage over time .....
  7. It’s not just MAC. Since 2009 basically all of our drafts have been well below average. WELL. we as a fan base are hopeful that management now understands. I would argue that our drafts could get worse than 2011 and 2012 but they did.....
  8. Not worth shlt... we took an undersized safety when we had a QB we needed to surround with talent. That was REX pushing Tanny in my opinion. Imagine Sanchez in year 2 with Gronk to throw to.
  9. All the posters over the years who comment on the draft being a crap shoot etc is just pure horse shlt. In business, a 1 -2 percent difference over time is huge. YES, there is some kharma, some luck etc BUT there is no doubt that Bellicek does a better job with his players than any GM we have had. Year in year out we have so many top busts. The difference may be small but examples of Gholsten/Mayo, or drafting Kyle Wilson when Gronk is available. Our management team clearly has been below average when it comes to player drafting and development.

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