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  1. You forgot we traded away 3 seconds and haven't had a 2nd rounder play since Lincoln was president.
  2. He marched them down the field against the Seahawks as well. NEVER left the field without a lead.
  3. I wonder if it is only in the AFC East where fans will refuse to see what I (and you) see as so obvious. He has NEVER left the field in a SB without the lead. He has single handily carried those teams on his back at times. Based on his performance, he should have 9 SB's. Rarely has won less than 12-13 games regular season.
  4. Perhaps the most ridiculous post I have ever read. Gregorio’s better than Jeter? Jeter was carried? Jeter is a near unanimous HOFer and TB will be. Met fan I suppose?
  5. On my way to office and heard that Namath will be a guest on Howard this morning 9am
  6. I was in a bar/restaurant, 2 young kids, family , Myrtle beach. When we lost in OT, I SMH and said same ole Jets. Who knew the magical season that was about to become 1998.
  7. Having a ton of BUFF fans as buddies and I actually know the GM I can tell you they are not afraid of the JETS and believe they will be the dominant team moving forward.
  8. 9-7 2 Wins with NO Bowles, 2 Wins because Darnold I see us going 10-6 as well possibly. no... I haven’t had a drink yet.
  9. Of course ... I was just making a name with our 3 big busts.
  10. NYC is becoming a liberal shlthole where people shot on the sidewalks. It is my hometown but it has changed. Grew up in Yorkville upper east side.
  11. Ridiculous. Manhattan to 96 st. But the rest is similar to the rest of the world. Madrid Barcelona London Paris etc.
  12. Tanny is looks the league has taken its toll on him.
  13. So Myers Park HS here in Charlotte. Interesting. He coached at Marvin Ridge which is the next county over. MP is my neighborhood , a bit upscale and encompasses a few upper class neighborhoods as well as many middle class neighborhoods. Confident I’ll run in to him as I live in walking distance of the HS. Excited to know he chose to return to Charlotte. Love the the reference to LAST in AFC east last three years.
  14. I hate the guy but would NOT be surprised if he gets in. He'll wear an endorsement hat etc.... maybe even holdout.
  15. But you complained about McCown taking 10 mil. Revis was an armed burglar for his last contract. A ghost of himself and we could have gotten more OL but MAC paid him in the same manner he paid McCown. desperation. So are you being biased? I hate Revis for his selfish ways but McCown took what was offered, never held out on a contract and never put himself in front of the team. McCown is one lucky dude....
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