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  1. last 20 years... I live half a mile from my office. After 10 years of a 2 hour commute each way in NY. Life has been good to me lately except the GOD DAMN JETS!!!!!
  2. I had to take a dump once in Penn Station, 8am on my way to WTC downtown. Heavy drinking night before. In the 80;s, Dinkins was mayor, ALL stalls were occupied by homeless. It felt like a warm shot glass of vodka turned over in my gut. A HOT sensation in my bowels that told me I had about 3 minutes til total expulsion. I went to Amtrak level upstairs (Conn line) where the mens room was jammed, no stalls except ONE toilet in the open, no seat, just a toilet out in the open where the stall was totally removed, no sides, no back etc. OUT in the open. No choice... I dropped my pants in front of everyone and out came the loosest, chocolate shake texture dump ever and it wouldn't stop. Dressed in a blue suit, white shirt, tie etc. CPA for a big 4 firm. There I was squatted over a bowl and everyone looked and simply covered their eyes. They couldn't believe what was happening. I then realized there was no TP. I took off my tee shirt, tore it to pieces and wiped my ass. In front of the public. YES it happened. When I left, I realized NO ONE had any idea what happened and I was another face in the crowd. Got to my client and absolutely went in the stall and did a thorough cleaning if you know what I mean. THERE! You happy now? That's my nightmare commute story!
  3. ken O Brien , birds shlt on him as they thought he was a statue.....
  4. I’ve been in NC a while so games I’ve seen is slim.... BUT I was at the 2008 Favre game in Nashville and that was a great time all around. NYers filling the southern streets, southerners rooting for us because they were Mississippi fans, and yes the win. Beating a 10 and 0 Titans team.
  5. Agreed.. many nice wins but this was big. Followed up by what appeared to be an unprepared REX team the following week.
  6. I’d be happy with the Browning Nagle effect.....
  7. I do 990s for several groups pro bono. My plate is full.
  8. It’s a great example of how drafting a QB is never a sure thing. In college.. no one would imagine that Watson or Mahommes would be way better than Mariotta. They all deserve 1st round draft but there are more busts than not. Sucks for the Titans... but we had our busts too. SUCK for the duck seems like yesterday. We would have drafted him if he were available.
  9. He draws no salary... no one is questioning his heart. 600K in donations and travel expense of 35 K and Rent of 50 K, I view as poor judgement and lack of focus. MANY donors look at stats. I went with the intention of donating, I won’t give to a 501 with less than 75 percent going to the cause and many other donors won’t either.
  10. Another 172 could be helped. You want to excuse the waste that’s fine. Noble cause run poorly. 2/3 of donated money is spent on admin. That is really bad in non profit terms.
  11. we'll franchise tag him and then let's see what happens with a good GM. He is a solid leader and should be paid. Team first but a good GM should be able to handle this. Not Mac, Idzik or Tanny, but a good GM.
  12. Very noble but I would add his charity is quite small and less than half of all contributions go to over head. He raised around 600K in 2017 and less than 250K reached the intended target. Rent of 45K, travel expenses of 35K and other heavy overhead. A 600K charity needs office space of 4K a month? General salaries of 165K? These athlete foundations are , in all due respect to them, more self serving that not. It's complex but this has been my observation. If his charity were rated, it would receive a low rating as less than average percent of contributions reach the target market. https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/421545318/201803199349311910/IRS990
  13. Im hoping to compare him to Brees, Brady and co. The kid has talent BUT as you stated, way too early.
  14. southparkcpa

    Go Nats!

    Yep.. my daughters neighborhood will be electric. She lives 3 blocks from the stadium. I may go up for a game if i can get a ticket in the 3-5 hundred range. How did you get a ticket? I assumed they would be tough to get.
  15. and blatant holding..... the NFL protects Brady and formerly Manning as they are the face of the NFL.
  16. He releases the ball so quickly, EVERY team knows this but can't do a thing about it. He has always found Edelman, and every other undersized WR over the last 15 years.
  17. I ran a 5 K in 24 and change and I’m 57. You can do this.
  18. Does Leo want to leave? Maybe under a new feel with Darnold he might come around? Who knows but this is simply a SMH situation, another 1st rounder not working out.
  19. He missed the film where they show how to cheat.....
  20. That loss in Miami was so Jetsy... a gun slinging Richard Todd the week before to basically a dud offense.
  21. This is my 3rd X3, all leased, all fully inclusive of all costs. I recently moved to a condo across from my office so I drive less than 8K a year. Perfect for me... kids are grown, great ride to Hilton Head, the Mountains, Asheville etc.
  22. Very much like Bowles who I HATE! But, he had no talent to work with and I assume that was one of the reasons our offensive plays looked basic and dull. Although MF crucified Sanchez as a pussy, non leader when he ate a hot dog on the sidelines. Turns out he was right. A REAL HC like Tomlin, Coughlin would NEVER allow that and a real player wouldn't do it. So... maybe Fat Boy is on to something.

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