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  1. southparkcpa

    Nice day of OT

    I wonder how Verlander feels knowing that Mark Sanchez probably porked his wife when she was single.😀
  2. southparkcpa

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    HIRED GUN..... Any body catch this on Netflix? As a bass player in college, I would show up to gigs with basically ONE one hour rehearsal before hand and met some of the musicians that night. Played an upright in a standard "fakebook" jazz setting. Would bring my Fender precision along for some pop tunes BUT this movie brought back a lot of memories. https://www.netflix.com/title/80106507
  3. southparkcpa

    Why would anyone NOT want to be cremated?

    I don't like the heat.. visiting Florida turns me off.
  4. southparkcpa

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Having earned so much for so little.... no idea the amount but you know he got a pay day.
  5. It seems to work.. yet WE the JETS overpay our FAT vets like Revis and Wilkerson because they are "Fan Favorites" and our GM's have historically been big pussies.
  6. A 7th round pick and a 4th round pick. Starting, making a difference. Player development at it's finest. Why on Gods green earth would they want to come here?
  7. I have many Italian friends.... (LOL)
  8. southparkcpa

    Kareem Hunt Signs with Browns

    Yeah. But we have new uniforms There’s that. 😂
  9. southparkcpa

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    sequal... I typed that while I was doing something else. Freudian slip???
  10. southparkcpa

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    As a CPA, I saw it and in first 15 minutes was like.... here we go, gonna make accountants look like assholes. That changed quickly. I heard they are doing a sequal. Enjoyed it.
  11. southparkcpa

    Canton Ohio August 2019

    I am a very strong maybe . My GF is from Canton and we go annually to see her family so it’s someth8ng I’d like to do. gonna wear my Klecko jersey if I go.
  12. southparkcpa

    Macc's biggest flub

    Passing on 1st round worthy QB's??? The JETS passing on a QB that is a top 10 pick? Oh wait... we passed on 2 of them. Why? Because we had some fukkin assholl from Penn State that we drafted in round 2. MAC couldn't have screwed up more and then doubled down on the fear.
  13. southparkcpa

    Jets sign G Jordan Morgan

    A was a music major, a long time ago. Played upright bass, electric bass and now play mainly acoustic guitar. Taylor 810. Big fan of Be-Bop. Love Holdsworth. Ill take a listen to what you posted. Good stuff....
  14. Ive played there a few times. Hate the Dye course, Love the 3 others.
  15. I didn't realize you live in Myrtle. Next time I come down, I'll send you a PM. Where do you play normally?
  16. Once you're lucky, twice your good. Internet 2.0 Fantastic! The world is flat Blue Ocean Strategy Whole New Mind Free Agent Nation Millionaire next door Common sense on Mutual funds Unconventional success The last 2 are investment books. If you read those, you will be wealthier than 90 percent of your peers.
  17. Im also colored by the fact that I know/have had social interaction with 2 NFL GM's. The GM of the Bills worked with me in a CPA firm in 1996 as an intern and the Panthers GM is a member at my golf club. These guys don't aren't always as smart as we think and I believe MAC has fooled his way to the top and now he is exposed. Happens in business all the time.
  18. southparkcpa

    Jets sign G Jordan Morgan

    That's awesome... just googled him. Im gonna watch some of his videos. I wake up every morning at 5am to "Joe Pass" Radio on Pandora. It's on now, Kenny Burrell playing "Flamingo".
  19. OK Then I'll tell you, I am a Jets fan, it's in my blood. BUT I am a fan of business, am very active in a few and I am a veracious reader of business books, success etc. I really don't get tied up emotionally in the NFL so for me it's fine. I would LOVE a SB but I believe the NFL owners should be criticized when after years and tears they show they are inept. I actually don't understand fans of blind homerism that say "Jets til I die", Redskins etc... after 10 losing seasons. But I accept that they exist.
  20. Thatvsounds like Coples....
  21. southparkcpa

    Jets sign G Jordan Morgan

    Who is in your Avatar?
  22. southparkcpa

    Jets sign G Jordan Morgan

    A poster child for JETS second round picks.
  23. southparkcpa

    Jets sign G Jordan Morgan

    Vlad Ducase was a project....
  24. You did make me laugh.... I’ll give you that. seriously . How old are you?
  25. I feel bad for all Jets fans....

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