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  1. Keynes would roll in his grave. This is socialism not Keynesian in any manner.
  2. Last 5 years Crypto has not performed as well as Tesla but yes, 5 year period?? It has done well. Any buyers the last year or so? They have lost at least 40 to 60 percent of their investment. Crypto has no customers, no revenue, no captive markets. Anyone who puts more than 5 percent of their total net worth in Crypto has no one to complain to. Crypto has a better chance to go to 5K than 50K at this point. IMO.
  3. Agreed. I HATE disco per se but it was a different music. As a bass player in HS and college, the lines and rhythm were very innovative. From Donna Summer to Bee Gees, not something I listened to, but it made it's mark on music.
  4. I thought he made quite a few errors last year with clock, personnel etc. Rookie errors but still…….
  5. That would be 1/2 the budget……. The rest is all pork. We need basic services, not tens of thousands of employees in departments that serve no purpose.
  6. If Zach plays well….9 plus wins. Unless Saleh coaches like he did last year. Saleh is Rah Rah…. I want to see execution.
  7. Could you imagine today's generation being drafted in 1942? We'd be speaking Russian or German.
  8. He cashed a HUGE check. He appears to not have the desire that leaders have. He says nice stuff…. I am not a believer at this point. KID??? Half the deaths at Normandy were younger. Old enough to be a dad and cash a big check, now can he STFU and get on the field and outperform a 3rd rounder?
  9. I hate being a naysayer but he just doesn’t look game ready. He just showed up, no participation etc. I hope he is ready soon but I am not as optimistic as others.
  10. You lost me at "Dry Town". I have a condo at Carolina Beach, NC. I can walk to more than 10 restaurants and bars, 1 block off the beach. LOVE going there off-season. Sept to November for example. I hope you guys have a blast.
  11. I would argue 2015 hurt us long term. Showed we could get by with a journeyman. Desperate GMs wanted to win now, sold out. We let several good QBs go by, drafted safeties etc….. Ive never been a short term thinker.
  12. Basically 9 years of garbage drafts from 2011 to 2020. Owner leaves for 4 years, 4 GMs , 4 HC’s, what a shlt show.
  13. My vitriol is aimed at our ownership. That a barely serviceable QB, is better than anything we have tabled in 20 years. And yes, I thought Geno, year 2 would progress. How wrong was I. Im not even on the Zach bandwagon. I can pray….
  14. He is not the center of my emphasis, he is a journey man that no team benefited long term from his services. My buddy point is if you need him, your organization shlt the bed.
  15. My nephew left some AXE at my house…. I used it. Gave me temporary satisfaction. Just like Fitz does. Once it wore off… I realized I was still an old Fukk.
  16. What’s your point???? I am stating that Fitz , long term, helped no team and was hired by well below average teams. I think what he accomplished is incredible. Yet, if you state that HE was the best QB your treat has had, your team SUCKS. That is the problem to be addressed.
  17. I didn't see it in the playoffs BUT, I hope, I really hope,
  18. Wilson is an unproven commodity. Fitz is a proven , 2nd stringer. You want to applaud him, That's so 2020. Applaud mediocrity. I haven't fallen that low yet. BUT... we agree, EVERY team that hired him is run so poorly, that his mediocrity exceeds our vision.
  19. I don't like the truth of your post but perhaps you're correct. I'm just depressed.
  20. Im not convinced. I see playoffs in out future. A cup???? Our last two first rounders seemed OK, not game changing. Who is our Mark Messier of the future. Every good team has or had a Captain. We do not. We need a leader.
  21. We can't as long as we draft safeties instead of QB's. ANY team that used Fitz in his long less than mediocre career was a roster mess at the hands of a poorly run team, headed by a GM who fukked up. I do not care that he put up good numbers. If he is your QB... your team is in DEEP trouble or you wouldn't need him. Not ONE solid decent team hired Fitz. They were all in deep personnel problems. 17 years and no playoffs and you want to wash the guys balls? I'll mail you the soap. @Dwight Englewood
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