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  1. Geno Smith won 8 games his rookie year. Love Sam, couldn't resist. GO JETS!!!!
  2. southparkcpa

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    You say that like a fan BUT I actually believe much of it. I have been around smart guys that I believe could do a better job. They would need help with contracts, etc.. but pure talent evaluation, spending on Vets, filling needs? Mac is terrible.
  3. southparkcpa

    I’m sold on Whisenhunt

    Those are Rex like numbers. 🤫
  4. Please dont bring your sex life into the threads.
  5. Im actually gonna break down and go down to the club here and watch the game with the rest of us A-hole Jets fans. Great group of guys here. GO JETS!!! http://www.charlottejetsfans.com/1/
  6. southparkcpa

    If Mac got his way

    6th pick yes.... but I believe we need to find a young QB. taking Cousins is the same mistake we have been making. If no one traded with us and we had the 6 pick. Rosen, Sllen etc... would have been a better gamble. MAC has shown no desire or skill to build a football team. he patches holes and does it poorly. he is the consummate 9 to 10 win guy at his finest.
  7. southparkcpa

    Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    I LOVED their cover of Ride my See-Saw and Story in her eyes. Ive met and "partied' with the guitar player Randy once many years ago. I watch him now and im not as impressed But they were, to me, the best LI Bar band in the 70's including Twisted Sister. Sister was fantastic but not as deep a bench as Zebra. He's a huge Beatles fan as well.
  8. southparkcpa

    Chiefs-Chargers Thursday Night Football

    Interestingly..this is the MOST patient I have seen Jets fans. Its now approaching year 5 and we are fed up. MAC's drafts are terrible but we gave him into year 3.5 before we turned on him. Same with Bowles.
  9. southparkcpa

    Chiefs-Chargers Thursday Night Football

    he sucks... MAC chose to stay with Petty and HACK. MAC must be proven right.
  10. southparkcpa

    Interesting conversation...

    It can NOT be over stated... the current GM wanted to pay this barely average QB 90 million. Those same MAC lovers, credit him for drafting Sam. NEVER would have happened if he got what he wanted. MAC, based on his moves is the last guy I want to rebuild the Jets. He runs scared.
  11. southparkcpa

    Whats your favorite memory as a Jets fan?

    How David Harris didn’t score blows me away.
  12. I would imagine most players would say this..... Mangold, Brick, Revis, Curtis, Namath. IT IS TRUE. MACC SUCKS. BOWLES SUCKS
  13. southparkcpa

    Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    I remember seeing Zebra at My Fathers Place right around the time of the 1st album. They used to be terrific.
  14. southparkcpa

    NFL Expands Rooney Rule Requirements

    Many years ago when baseball had a decrease in african american players, Jesse Jackson cited many factors of course and tried to put baseball on its heels. The GM of the Atlanta Braves response was perfect. I go where the talent leads me. I have no idea what color they are when I am reading their stats.
  15. southparkcpa

    Whats your favorite memory as a Jets fan?

    Watching the Patriots lose to the Giants in 2007 has to get honorable mention.
  16. southparkcpa


    If we recruited one the answer would surely be yes.
  17. southparkcpa


    Put a smile on my face on one of my down days. Thank you.
  18. southparkcpa

    $80 Million Cousins

    Understood but Cousins, im my opinion, would not have been better than KennyO, Chad or Vinny and the extra wins you mention? Speculative for sure but I see your point. I would rather have Darnold than Cousins. Darnold has potential, Cousins has potential to be the next Chad or Kenny. Leads you to 9-7, 10-6 but not much more.
  19. southparkcpa

    $80 Million Cousins

    Ive done a few football players tax returns in my day, many Panthers in the late 90's and early 2000's. Mostly linemen, DB's etc. Made good coin 2-4 mil a year BUT.. Imagine a $31 million dollar pay day. After tax you pocket around 20 million. Never have to work a day in your life.
  20. southparkcpa

    Wentz Out This Week, Possibly Season

    If Bowles were the coach, none of this would be happening.
  21. southparkcpa

    McCagnan CAN NOT be trusted!!!

    So here is the abridged version of a solid first post: Mac sucks, has no vision, has no balls, can't evaluate talent. You did miss another major weakness. He overpays vets that go on to do nothing. Revis, Wilkerson, Fitz for starters.
  22. southparkcpa

    $80 Million Cousins

    Mac wanted to pay this guy the farm. How anyone defends Mac is laughable.
  23. southparkcpa

    Tanking only matters when you need a QB

    The Packers were 4-12 in 1991, 9-7 the next 2 years. I hear you but you never know.

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