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  1. We need a would you let Sam Darnold bang your wife if we got a super bowl thread .... THAT would be interesting reading.
  2. Was that before his second holdout? Or after he signed a big contract and couldn’t play. It’s all for the kids is the oldest trick in the books.
  3. Any list that excludes MEVIS I will hit the up arrow. Most selfish player I’ve ever seen in a JET uniform.
  4. Get it right.. They TOOK my thumb! .19 mark
  5. Brothers McMullen. Pope of Greenwich Village.
  6. So if some guy did that to you in a bar and laughed you'd walk away, nothing said? or better, do it to a cop yourself next one you see and report back.
  7. While i think you are joking... it is relevant. It is a flagrant show of lack of respect and I wish this happened in NYC under Bloomberg and throw the book at OBJ. This is unaccepatable.
  8. Good list but I'd add, The Godfather, Sleepers, I'd even add Cinderella man and Midnight Cowboy, Serpico, Dog day afternoon, French Connection.
  9. Dude this is the me too generation. Welcome to 2020. EDIT. I assumed it was a girl. Saw the film.. OBJ is a jerk off. If I were the cop, I'd be pissed.
  10. Absolutely... he is quite active here. Amazing that he's done at 28. Beloved in this city. I 've seen him in restaurants, the grocery store etc. Wonder if he'll stay here?
  11. Im sorry but FUKK the Hall of Fame. This man deserved to be in there while he was alive. I am thrilled for his family and the Jets but Hill deserved to see this.
  12. Im with NUT, I post my scores and let the Ghin system do it. My index went from 12/4 to 12.6 but I am playing very poorly. Shot a 91 Saturday. haven't shot a 90 something in a while. Gonna start practicing better. More wedge work, chipping, pitching etc.
  13. I don't run the club here any longer but am fairly active. We'll probably have a tailgate with a nominal buy in etc. Weve done 2 of them. Ove rthe last few years when the Jets have come down.
  14. Yeah.. I believe following year is Charlotte. That would be a good trip.

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