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  1. I nominate ME..yes, Fukkin ME. I believe I would have done better than Gase. Vote FOR ME!!!!!
  2. I remember when you came to Charlotte and found our club and joined us ... what year would that have been? 2012?
  3. Sam should NOT be blamed because MAC is a fukkin a$$hole and drafted Hackenberg. IF we simply had the 3rd pick without giving uo the farm to get it and drafted SAM, he is not our worst BUST. He is in the top 3-4 with The Ghost as number one without question. But players like Milner have to be in the conversation. Sam played... Milner played how many games? Ghost? Sam was 6 and 2 to end last season? Yes he sucks BUT we have seen flashes of good play when he had good players around him.
  4. We’d draft a small safety , sleeper pick. you know a Kyle Wilson type when Gronk is available
  5. Some of hit has to do with their fear of penalties but yes, I see your point.
  6. LOVED HIM!!!! The organization cut him loose and never really recovered until Parcells.
  7. Don’t have a good vibe on Gase???? I suppose the Titanic was just a mishap that needs more review? Please . This is one of the 5 worst teams ever in the last 50 years of the NFL.
  8. Is that a bulge hiding under all that netting???.
  9. The price we pay to protect players. I’m for it. As kids we were taught to tackle. BUT hurting someone on purpose to intimidate is what IMO is not needed. we lose too many stars too early. Hitting helpless receivers when the ball is clearly not catchable, hitting someone not even in the play. landing on TOP of a QB on purpose to try to hurt him all make the game like wrestling. thousands of NFL players , retired, concussed, can hardly walk, why??? So we can be more entertained? It’s a great game without the added violence. Just my opinion.
  10. His sexual preferences do not belong here......
  11. The JETS have fukked up 2 rebuilds in the last 8 years... I believe that Douglas is blowing this up on purpose. Something MAC had no idea or courage to do. Its what I believe... as the alternative is so bad, we couldn't fathom it.
  12. Is it too late to say we we should have drafted Mahommes????😂
  13. Best part of living in the south.... don’t have to watch this Shltshow.
  14. Absolutely.... it’s a GREAT music school but to stay with OSU, pretty impressive.
  15. Great post except Westhoff. LOVE Westhoff but HC? Never done it and way past his prime. Westhoff is a GREAT coach and 10 years ago, I’d agree.
  16. THIS is hard to argue with. This board is full of Pom Pom waivers but the above post is spot on. WE SUCK. How much worse could we be under Harbaugh. He has a pedigree like no other. Great college player, NFL Player, paid his dues in coaching. But some want another rookie HC? Inthink Harbaugh is too good for the Johnsons. They won’t hire him because he won’t listen to their SHlT!!!!!

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