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  1. Come visit... Portofino's near my home is as good as any I've had in NY.
  2. Make no mistake... these NFL players get a W2. No way to hide the income.
  3. The 1st 2 -3 years I really questioned it. Once I settled in and opened a business, got integrated, it was all great. Got a great home on the golf course, low taxes, great business etc. NY for me was a 1.5 hour commute each way, traffic, high taxes etc.
  4. OK.... sorry to hear that. It is rare. Me? I died and went to heaven in Charlotte. As a CPA, people moving here, my office is busy 24/7, turn away work . Sent kids to UNC/NC State, made great friends and relationships, make a great living, live 5 minutes from the office, 2 minutes from an affordable golf club. Sorry to hear your not content.
  5. Pizza here in Charlotte is as good as NY/NJ. There are several northerners who opened up here. 25 years ago, yes, good pizza non existent. Now, it's here.
  6. Dude, there's life outside NY/NJ. It amazing how blind we are when there. I have never met a fellow NY/NJer who has moved that regrets it.
  7. The fact that we have 2 rookies contributing is HUGE. Whether he is ROY for me is secondary. Kids got IT.
  8. Yesterday was fun. All I ask is compete. jets looked good yesterday!!!
  9. Wow.... Listening right now at the office. Great stuff. Did not know a lot about Same Jones other than his name. He is clearly holding his own here. In my travels and experience, unbeknown to many, these upright players all have been classically trained. You start with the bow, start with the Simandl Book or Nanny Book and that's how you get started. So their adeptness should come as no surprise.
  10. Love the bottom on that bass.... never heard this before. Thank you.
  11. Parcells says hello and his winning percentage was better.
  12. 2004 and 2006 teams were hampered by a weak Pennington shoulder so id put 2009 in front but your point is fair……
  13. Was an emotional pick... don't look at stats, numbers confuse Woody and Chris.
  14. He is a legend in jazz. The young bassists in the movie spoke so well of him. As they should.
  15. They absolutely did. NHOP is a legend and was mentioned throughout the piece. LOVE NHOP. I listen to "Chops" weekly. One of my favorite albums.
  16. So, as a former upright bass player orchestral/jazz, I was reading up on Scott LaFaro and stumbled on this movie. For $5 it's a terrific piece on the bass and it's players. https://beneaththebassline.com/double-bass/
  17. I was not aware that McCarthy would come BUT that's the issue, did Woody really want a top coach? Well, he clearly didn't want to pay for a top coach. McCarthy is not here and Woody is so my point stands, no top coach will/has come here.
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