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  1. Defense was good enough to win. 3 turnovers, 3 and outs, they are on the field way too long. This is on the O. Zach if i had to pick one player.
  2. I dont fault the pick at all. Id fault it if he didn’t take a QB. The kid needs to get his shlt together fast or he appears to be another Darnold BUT we needed a QB. Im just disappointed the kid is not appearing to be the player we need him to be.
  3. Oh vey…. Did you say that to make me more depressed?????
  4. When you vocalize that Zach is not ready for prime time... the Kool Aid drinkers neg rep you. This is Zach.....
  5. Oh absolutely, he was running for his life. I get it. I am a Zach fan. But to deny he is struggling is well.... I'll leave the verbage to others.
  6. I hope we blow them out and embarrass them..... we put Strev in for second half as we have such a huge lead.
  7. Are you denying that Zach is in the middle of a brutal drought? Winning with this type QB play is simply unsustainable. It will not help attract free agents in off season and has no long term benefits. Yes I love being 5-2 but we need Zach to play better. Coaches and management know that.
  8. Three guys neg repped this post. I wasn't being negative. I am a Zach fan but to deny he is struggling and that the Jets staff is not concerned is simply denial. and those who neg repped a basically honest response are simply kool aid drinkers. Streveler led the team in the pre-season and one could argue he has the chops to be the back up as the team has shown it has a solid D, solid Special teams and talent on offense but now with a weaker O-line. We all want Zach to be successful but his play at times looks like school yard ball, he looks afraid at times, at times he looks great.
  9. Smart as shlt too…. Left the game while he was still in great shape mentally and physically. He is one of my all time favorites.
  10. I think it is so Streveler can be there, and can replace Zach if he continues in neutral.
  11. I wish I could find pics of the Favre Jets years... I went to the TENN game in 2008. Packers and Jets fans united as one. It was a blast!
  12. I see parents that want the kids home, they see themselves as parents and can't vision themselves with out kids in the house. That then produces kids who think it's OK. Me??? I'm with you. I left about 6 months after college.
  13. NC State lost it's starting QB 2 games ago.
  14. In other news.... Thursday night the Wolfpack came from behind to win!!!!!
  15. I don't see it long term. Our D is very good, NOT Elite yet. We can't expect them to stay on the field as long as they are because Zach does 3 and out a LOT. We need, IMO, minimum 200 yards, 1TD and that is minimum. Be curious to see stats of QBs throwing for 100-13 yards with LT success.
  16. If we traded Mims for Brady.... that's fine. No more. OK, I'll throw in a case of bud light.
  17. The bolded areas are a very government control over society... just doesn't work. I am a Milton Friedman follower. How about we cap salaries in your industry and the money go to those who want to live in NYC but can't because the make 40K a year. You see my point no? NYC is cited as one of the worst landlords in the city. I simply see, from my viewpoint, TONS of opportunity for young kids. There is almost no reason a kid who invests 2 years in a trade or business can't be making 100K minimum. Make yourself indispensable.
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