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  1. Dont tell @Joe W. Namath he’ll call you pathetic.
  2. Your posts at times are…….
  3. OK, hungover, need a shave but I am all in. WET and soggy but gonna wear FULL JETS on golf course today!!! Jets TM hat, Jets golf shirt, Jets ball. Lets go Jets!!!!!! @JiFields @Green Ghost MIKE FUKKIN WHITE!!!!!
  4. I think we lost that game. 2011 we were 8-5, ended up 8-8 losing to Philly, NYG and Miami. REX then hired Tony Sporano as OC as he assumed Sporano was a genius because he beat the great REX D. REX was a simple minded coach.
  5. I miss a well disciplined coach. I am tired of cheerleading coaches.
  6. Harsh but accurate. Let's see what game plan cheer leader Saleh puts in place or will he be outcoached again. Will the useless undisciplined penalties continue? We are putting our hopes on a 5th round QB as we couldn't draft one in 20 years worth a shlt.
  7. MY GF's daughter is a junior at OSU so I have to "pretend" to root for them. Your observations are well received. 98% on the 4th down I think is high. I was simply fairly impressed with a lot of what I saw and we don't see that as Jets fans. From Rex forward, we have never been thought of as a well coached team.
  8. Last night I saw some of the best Head Coaching in both games. 1) The fake 1 yard run to draw Michigan off-sides when there was NO WAY TCU wasn't gonna punt. The discipline of Michigan was something I told my GF, a typical Jets team jumps off sides, undisciplined. The delay of game on TCU was meaningless. The next I cut and paste from ESPN. 2) The kickoff that looked like an onside kick was coming. They punch kicked it to the 2. Keeping the receiving team guessing. 3) From ESPN. Facing fourth-and-1 at Ohio State's 34-yard line, Buckeyes coach Ryan Day sent out his punt team to boot the ball back to the Bulldogs. But assistants in Georgia's coaching box realized the Buckeyes were lined up in a fake punt formation. Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart called timeout, just before OSU tight end Mitch Rossi ran for a first down. A sideline official blew his whistle for a timeout before the Buckeyes snapped the ball, negating the first down These are things we don't see Jets coaches do. Not just Saleh.... but Saleh is who we have and he is not in the same class with the coaches last night. Ryan Day, IMO, was the weakest coach out there last night but at least was engaged in the game. But he is a cheer leader like Saleh.
  9. Down to an 11 and going lower. Starting to hit the power fade better. This is the year I go to a single digit. Happy New Year!!!!
  10. Gracias…..espero que para todos, todo vaya estar genial!
  11. You want a 6th place trophy???? Send me your address. Happy New Year!!!!!
  12. If Saleh was coach at Mich, they’d be out of it. Great coaching both sides of ball.
  13. I now pee on the golf course in the middle of the fairway. I use my golf bag as cover. Im over it.
  14. Would you please stop presenting facts ….it undermines the argument. Woody is a fukkin arsehole.
  15. OK….. Lets see what tomorrow brings GO JETS!!!!! Ordered my new tee for tomorrow!!!!
  16. Games where we couldnt even score a TD???? The tepid defense of Zach is mind blowing.
  17. And what do you have to show for it?? A 12 year NO playoff run, Multiple HC’s, he abandons the team for England Leaving Chris in charge. Chris?? A total loser. Google them both. They are unaccomplished boobs. Meanwhile Giants have been to 3 SB’s in Woodys tenure, won 2 of them. Woody is SO FAR below 500 its a joke.
  18. What is Saleh good at? He is a cheerleader. Terrible? No. But he has made decisions that cost Jets games.
  19. For me, it was, we accept mediocrity and they do NOT. Has been my contention for 30 years. Success is a choice. Steelers would never have brought in Favre, Tebow etc. Their moves are in general more long term. Us?? NOT.
  20. So the GF and I were at the beach, returned to be home for college playoffs. I have great wine lined up and Belvenie. GO VOLS. One of my best friends is an 82 grad, ill be golfing with him tomorrow.
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