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  1. NC State lost it's starting QB 2 games ago.
  2. In other news.... Thursday night the Wolfpack came from behind to win!!!!!
  3. I don't see it long term. Our D is very good, NOT Elite yet. We can't expect them to stay on the field as long as they are because Zach does 3 and out a LOT. We need, IMO, minimum 200 yards, 1TD and that is minimum. Be curious to see stats of QBs throwing for 100-13 yards with LT success.
  4. If we traded Mims for Brady.... that's fine. No more. OK, I'll throw in a case of bud light.
  5. The bolded areas are a very government control over society... just doesn't work. I am a Milton Friedman follower. How about we cap salaries in your industry and the money go to those who want to live in NYC but can't because the make 40K a year. You see my point no? NYC is cited as one of the worst landlords in the city. I simply see, from my viewpoint, TONS of opportunity for young kids. There is almost no reason a kid who invests 2 years in a trade or business can't be making 100K minimum. Make yourself indispensable.
  6. I watch very little TV. So no....
  7. I hope you're right... the thought of sending shlt to my Pats friends breaking their nuts is priceless.
  8. But we have Zach.... he is 4-0 and well, that's all I got.
  9. Yes I know….. or anytime for that matter . I can have a wish list though no?
  10. This from a Reasonable Jets fan????
  11. Yes, And i would have preferred O-Line. Carter is not Hall but he is pretty good.
  12. So you don't think we can finish 500? I think we can. I give us a reasonable shot at 10 games.
  13. I would add the Buffalo season back in early 2000's where under Fitz they were 5-0 and missed the playoffs. Greenwich, I apparently am 20 years older than you and I remember thinking Chad would be our 10 year solid QB and being so disappointed. This team, without Zach playing at least average, can't go very far. Winning 10 games and exiting the playoffs we've done for 40 years.
  14. Zach is just struggling but God forbid fans use a discussion board to discuss it. I dont think any of us saw the team coming together like this, in spite of poor QB play, we hang. It's all I ask. Compete, show up. They are, so there is that. Doesn't distract from very obvious poor QB play.
  15. GREAT movie. I went to the premiere in NYC. I worked for PWC at the time and we audited the books of the movie. I met Mandy Pitinkin, Rob Reiner and a few other of the stars. LOVED the movie and still do. "Why are you smiling?" Because I know something you do not.
  16. I know a man who is looking for you..... you are the man with 6 fingers.
  17. I for one am thrilled. We have a solid core of players that appear to be able to stay in any game. I am wearing my Jets gear proudly here in the south. But to ignore Zach's very strong weakness is also foolish. He was running for his life but at times he appeared to be playing street football with happy feet.
  18. I LOVE that we are 5-2 but any poster who thinks this is a QB that can succeed long term as is delusional. I think he looks like a kid who's mom and dad are making him play. He doesn't appear comfortable under center. Early 1st half, that throw to not get sacked that was challenged Could have easily been a Denver TD. Something is not right.
  19. It’s hard to say anything positive about Zach. He was brutal…… but we win.
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