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  1. Zach has to improve but the Oline ain’t helping……
  2. Jets fan club in Charlotte has been rockin last few weeks...... I'll be there after a round of golf!!!! GO JETS!!!!!!! I personally started the club with a guy from Staten Island in 2009. We handed over the keys to 2 young guys in 2018 and they have done a GREAT job!!!!! So proud of them. https://charlottejetsfans.godaddysites.com/
  3. Im sorry... I don't speak poorly of many but now he is about as big a DICK in my mind as anyone can be. Fukk him.
  4. Yes... I have a Jets towel on my bag as well. Muddy as shlt.
  5. I bought about 10 of these many years ago. I have 4 left still with the tag. Gonna wear this hat today with my normal 4 some. 2 of whom are Pats fans. Play my Jets logo'd balls as well. Go Jets. @Green Ghost @JiFapono
  6. Agreed... but when healthy, he had MVP talent.
  7. Funny how that stuff bothers us. I feel your pain.
  8. Problem with @Jetsfan80 is he wouldnt be giving up much based on his current sex life.
  9. Id give up sex for a year for a Super Bowl win.
  10. Chicken wings are worth more……
  11. When I started the thread, it seemed to die on the vine. Now it's 5 pages. Crazy.
  12. My damn daughter married a Giants fan. Great guy but jeez... a Giants fan?
  13. My balls you ask??? Oh, golf balls. I may have just bought the last batch. Go to E-Bay. The balls I bought are the Bridgestone E6. a GREAT ball for a handicapper between say 6 and higher. The new NFL Contract is with Wilson. I have those as well. The Wilson balls are good. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334528829787?hash=item4de378d95b:g:D4oAAOSw2vti88kT&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoA9dc%2BFA%2FDz%2FGzFUmACfRKCI6t5iAQ35cRWrGqgZu9MYt54JYODYlnqQh82HmtYhlepnYuhFDXQgXt%2Fk5eMy9rxfCI1wLQDpiLXqQXrdwyW5rVgLlhKZhZe63v2ej%2BndkoUMGcERmUgX7sf74mlqokPjD1yAeT1GmaHsUCjLgylMxr6gBVl4EN7C0o9JHjD%2BLc4vffFAvklycLJDIjiIUOc%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9atk-7-YA
  14. You know it's a different kind of year when I SWORE I would not buy another Jets logo's product until we put a decent team on the field. Well... last night I bought the following on Amazon. We golf here all year basically. This Sunday I will be wearing my NY Jets Taylormade hat and that shirt. Go Jets!!!!!
  15. Seemed last year there were 2-4 plays each game where he threw to the flat, his escape option, and he threw the ground. 3-4 series ending plays that this year, with Carter and Hall we are seeing less of that. He has shown very little "greatness" BUT baby steps are paying dividends. As you so stated, it won't be enough. 1st half Green Bay he looked like Zach 2001. Scared, Happy feet, little league like.
  16. How does a knucklehead like you have smart kids???? OH!!! The wifey!!!
  17. no picks is huge….. i was troubled by his play in GB. But we won, but that shlt will run out. He needs to play better. I think he can become a #8 to 12 QB in this league. No Rogers, but effective enough.
  18. I didn’t mean no tax. I got a W2. Poor wording on my part. . But yes. Did lie about my income.
  19. I think you and I agree on most. I read your response about education etc. I'll add I remember being 25 in the 80's, interest rates were 10 percent, buying a house was out of reach, unemployment was 6 percent. I was making about 25K, the average house was 150K. How is that different to today in "global terms". I think an argument can be made my generation had it worse. I had to pay 6 times my salary at 10 percent to buy a home. I did it. I lied on my mortgage app and took an off the books second job. Getting a job was VERY difficult out of college in the 80's. I took a job as a clerk in the accounting department. Below entry level.
  20. Imagine if Zach plays better. He , IMO, has not hit his stride yet. He has shown signs. But if he played near his ability 1st half GB, that game would have been over 2nd QTR. This team has talent and with a solid Zach, we can see 2009-2010 type success.
  21. Theses "youngins" are gonna say you are simply a boomer stating BS. The ability to make 100 to 150K now is easier than ever. BUT you have to work for someone for say 55 to 75K for 2 years to train and then 6 days a week for a few year in your own shop. 40 weeks a year work Saturday. I agree 100 percent. If I weren't a CPA I'd be a plumber or electrician. Getting licensed in the south is not that difficult. In 2 years you'd be booked solid. GF's daughter is a senior at a BIG college. Wants to be a social worker. They are talking her into a Masters degree, have her convinced it is necessary. 6 years of college, So she can leave with 50 to 75K debt to make 50K??? The education business is upside down. I know you are a teacher sir.
  22. My garage here in Charlotte……. From the OLD stadium, torn down in 74.
  23. He's much better in #20 than Kyle Wilson.
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