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  1. When McCagnon got off the bus with a shlt grin and I screamed YOU SUCK. , i felt i was helping the team.
  2. Fans have a right to boo and heckle after 10 years of garbage. Thats why JD makes multiple 6 figures.
  3. Hes a millionaire, he probably bet Zach would Shlt the bed.
  4. NO. Many coaches and players wont play where they know the ownership sucks.
  5. NOT a JD fan. But no GM has drafted a class like he has since Tanny in 2006-2007. He gets 2 more years minimum.
  6. I say he sit. M fukkin White. He is also a question.
  7. @kevinc855 i can see it now… as he screams. YOU POS member of the lucky sperm club!!!!!! Kevin will be ejected from all Jets games via facial recognition technology.
  8. So instead of his imbecil brother we’ll have to deal with this nit wit???? This team is DOOMED. As @joewiliy12 pointed out.
  9. You still live at home? Hiding the Pennington poster in that powder blue room???
  10. You’ve lived a docile life. I grew up in Brentwood NY where your worst event wouldn’t make my top 10 list.
  11. #8 pick vs # 2 pick. VG did not set team back. Zach will hurt us for a while.
  12. Not sure your kidding but similarly, in JAX McCagnon stepped off the bus, fans were cheering and he toasted his coffee coop like he was a player. I SCREAMED.. YOU SUCK!! Draft someone who can plaY! And he scurried into the stadium with his tail between his legs.
  13. 9-8??? Still on that medication?
  14. Is that even possible?? The worst? He's got to be in the conversation. Think about how much you suck to be in the conversation of JETS biggest busts. It just might be Zach.
  15. We now absolutely know.. Zach is NOT worth the paper he is printed on. Streveler is NOT an NFL QB. It's White and back to the drawing board. Has any team failed this much at the most important position?
  16. Absolutely. The "Try not to be embarrassed on national TV" is our mantra for 50 years.
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