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  1. Oh…. Im dense. Not watching game just posting and doing other things. Sorry. My bad
  2. Thurman Thomas says hello….. with his HOF jacket on.
  3. Just bought a few bottles of Belvenie as gifts for friends.
  4. Does anyone really expect us to win out???? We had a nice year, lots to be positive about but I dont see it.
  5. Vegas odds that Becton plays more than 10 games in 2023??? More than 5????
  6. My memory is short… the gun I know, who are the other 2?
  7. Like building a beautiful boat and saying we neglected to seal the bottom. Eventually it goes no where except down. Not blaming JD, we needed a QB, Zach was the pick I suppose. Just frustrating that for 30 years we haven’t had good QB play.
  8. How many teams have had a QB issue like us? KO is the last QB we have had that stayed healthy for 4 plus years. From VT to Chad, to Sanchez etc…. Not to mention all the journeymen. Now we have a 2nd pick player being unseated by Mike White and he then gets hurt.
  9. Well…. Id rather see him at #2 than Flacco. But your point is well taken.
  10. This is unfortunately what i see. A hapless Zach offense scoring no more than 14, maybe a defensive score but Zach instills no confidence in me.
  11. It’s approaching roller derby……. When in doubt, they protect the big names. Keeps revenue solid.
  12. JD's job security is pretty secure for at least 2 years I imagine. The 2022 draft alone I believe does that and some of his free agency dealings. BUT if Zach busts, 2021 looks average at best/shaky and 2020 don't get me started. The fact that the last 10 years we haven't been able to develop a QB is frustrating. A near playoff team this year juggling 3 QB's, each of whom couldn't start on at least 12 NFL teams. The unknown at QB will last into the off season and well, simply frustrating.
  13. In the last 20 years has any team struggled at the QB spot like we have???? It’s becoming expected.
  14. somewhere between these 2 posts is the truth.
  15. Good chance Zach simply confirms what we all suspect. 2 weeks off and he still plays scared.
  16. THAT is what we should look like. Great D, and a very servicable offense. But with LaFluer and Zach we had an offensive offense.
  17. We might be there now.... BUT this team has talent. I'm happier now as a JET fan than I have been since 2010.
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