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  1. Yes. They played at Randalls island. I was about 10. RIP, arguably #1 soccer player ever. Fútbol para mis amigos latinos.
  2. THIS… BUT Jeebis, if we lose 6 straight he is on the hot seat. I dont think he is a good HC yet. Neither was Pete Carrol here but he didn’t deserve to be fired. Look what he did after the Jets.
  3. Funny, but people here in Charlotte are warming up to him.
  4. Fine agreed…. BUT Saleh makes many head scratching decisions and BB has proven he is a solid coach. Thats 1 mistake in 2016. Im sure he’s made others but Saleh is NOT IMO amongst the top 15-20 HC’s in the NFL.
  5. Hope so… demons in me say it feels like 2011 where we lost last 3 after being 8-5. KC??? Wouldn't they get 1st round bye?
  6. Makes me want to take a dump. Fukk em both.
  7. These writers are a bunch of light weight kids who majored in journalism/communication. They haven't accomplished jack shlt and I don't give a fukk what they think. Give me Parcells/Tomlin type coaches over Rex and Saleh all day. Saleh's motto... All emotion/no clock. Seriously, ever meet one of these sports writers? They chose one of the easiest routes in college, 90 percent couldn't play badminton and are about 5'9.
  8. ZW is healthy and benched. MW is our only hope.
  9. I cant believe anyone can still defend Zach.
  10. Why would you negotiate out of a 35M contract? I read it quickly but almost all is guaranteed. He is set for life as is.
  11. We don't need Young to tell us what is VERY evident. The kid is NOT NFL caliber.
  12. You sure??? I thought he was one of Woody's 1st decisions returning from England. Saleh was hired in January 2021, Woody would have been cleaning out his office and heading back to NY. Im sure he was in on the decision.
  13. Agreed. ZW may be the biggest Jets bust ever. Doesn't make Saleh innocent. In my book, he's not on the hot seat, BUT I wouldn't be jumping at signing him long term just yet. His mistakes have cost the team but he IMO has at least next season. But he is not a top 15 HC.
  14. When you lose, NO ONE cares. I don't care about Saleh and his likability and no one should. I want him to manage this team, motivate players, put a game plan in place, make adjustments, get on your OC who may be a weak link.
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