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  1. Why would you negotiate out of a 35M contract? I read it quickly but almost all is guaranteed. He is set for life as is.
  2. We don't need Young to tell us what is VERY evident. The kid is NOT NFL caliber.
  3. You sure??? I thought he was one of Woody's 1st decisions returning from England. Saleh was hired in January 2021, Woody would have been cleaning out his office and heading back to NY. Im sure he was in on the decision.
  4. Agreed. ZW may be the biggest Jets bust ever. Doesn't make Saleh innocent. In my book, he's not on the hot seat, BUT I wouldn't be jumping at signing him long term just yet. His mistakes have cost the team but he IMO has at least next season. But he is not a top 15 HC.
  5. When you lose, NO ONE cares. I don't care about Saleh and his likability and no one should. I want him to manage this team, motivate players, put a game plan in place, make adjustments, get on your OC who may be a weak link.
  6. Why ? What's he above average at? I like him BUT he has done very little to convince me he is in the top 15 HC's in the NFL. His benching of Wilson puts him over the top for me but he has made a lot of rookie errors.
  7. We disagree. By the time you are at a HS level of coaching, you should manage a clock better. To get a HS HC job, youve proven yourself worthy. College? Exceptional. Pro's? Shouldn't be a discussion but with too many Jets coaches it is. Rah Rah coaches. Herm, Rex, Saleh. Of course we all make mistakes but all year last year and much of this year, Saleh is cheerleading and not managing the game. I hate BB but when was the last time he was outcoached on strategy? Don't say last week on that errant play. The player admitted he went against BB and threw that backward pass.
  8. Nice soundbite and I get you but that's BS. Clock management is and has been for ever a crucial part of the game. How much tome to leave the opponent, how to use timeouts, whether to throw the red flag and risk a time out. Name ONED good HC that managed the clock poorly. Herm was awful at it.
  9. Was a good site in the day... owner miscalculated and sold to Scout and it blew up.
  10. The OP was the biggest Kool Aid drinker on Jets Insider. Would swear Gholsten wasn’t treated fairly.
  11. What about White??? THAT is the decision for JD
  12. Anyone who’s watched him can see he has progressed, has real physical prowess and BTW went to HS about 5 miles from my home. Id sign him if possible if White doesn’t play well next 2 games.
  13. White/Jets havent played great the last 2 outings with White, hope all works out but I’m not gonna bet the ranch.
  14. It’s not. He simply has been out coached by BB, Pedersen, and he has made bad decisions at critical times. You are or you aren’t qualified, being sorry doesn’t help us.
  15. Cheerleading wont help. Watching Saleh cheer like a fan while he can’t manage a clock is one of the reasons we are here. Hes been out coached many times this year.
  16. We are the same fan base of the Mets, Yankees, Isles, Rangers etc. It’s not us.
  17. Just in time to root for the Jaguars!!!! Happy for you!!!!!!
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