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  1. @More Cowbell Looks like Nostradamus. Wilson was worse than even he predicted.
  2. Why are so many fans so impatient???😡 WOODY!!!!!!!! That is the common element.
  3. ONE good/great draft. ONE total bust and the other a C- at best. He is NOT above average in any category and below in many.
  4. Why do I post so much???? I need therapy???
  5. THAT is what will stop free agents from coming. Make no mistake, the Jets have/have had a BAD reputation . The few NFL players I know tell me their agents avoid the Jets. Why come to a team with no QB? Yes, more dollars which pouts the team in deeper shlt.
  6. I remember the one in Babylon LI. Which do you go to? I may order online, i just saw they do that now.
  7. It’s 11 degrees in Charlotte. Ridiculous.
  8. Strev showed he's not an NFL QB as much as we all like him to be.
  9. Im moving in that direction after thinking he sucked, he started to win me over. When he plays Bellicek, Pedersen etc... they eat his lunch. He is a cheer leader, little more.
  10. Disagree. That team was stacked. BEST Oline we ever had arguably. Best set of LBers and D backs etc. Look at the roster. 7 Pro Bowlers. 7 If Clemmons played better , we would have made playoffs.
  11. BNTW.... friggin 8 degrees here in Charlotte. Friggin ridiculous.
  12. If she gave me 20 minutes i could do it twice and have 17 minutes left. 🤷‍♂️
  13. This is a 2008 collapse. 2008 from 8-3 to no where. This year……TOAST after 7-4
  14. When McCagnon got off the bus with a shlt grin and I screamed YOU SUCK. , i felt i was helping the team.
  15. Fans have a right to boo and heckle after 10 years of garbage. Thats why JD makes multiple 6 figures.
  16. Hes a millionaire, he probably bet Zach would Shlt the bed.
  17. NO. Many coaches and players wont play where they know the ownership sucks.
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