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  1. Agreed… perhaps you missed my post about drunk posting?
  2. After 3 years, we have to let his record speak for him. Lets see what this team looks like. I liked the last 2 drafts but 2020 was a disaster. He is far superior to the last 2 no question. BUT, the Buffalo GM was my intern in 1996. I have seen how good businessmen think and process. I absolutely believe there are guys on this board who could have done better than MAC and Idzik.
  3. What above in my post is not accurate? 3 years in and we are not even close to 500. That team looked ill prepared. I am results oriented and 10 years of this is wearing on me. I do admit to drunk posting last night… Im on vacation and was a little over the top.
  4. Colored wrist bands are coming. Be patient.
  5. Pre season, game 1, and we are the worst team in the NFL. Bad coach, bad GM, no talent but yes, rescue plan is a great conversation. The BROWNS are far superior.
  6. It’s 1973 again…….. Jets suck, no future, is Leon Hess still the owner????
  7. Stop harassing one of the last faithful here. He still believes.
  8. Woody would pass on Don Shula, Vince Lombardi and the like as HE is the constant here. MORON is WOODY!!!!!
  9. You made me read a ton of shlt….. the bold is all you needed.
  10. NY sports has been tough… still not over that as well. At least we have a captain.
  11. Im laughing so hard i am crying……. Literally, My GF looks at me like WTF are you laughing at?
  12. Fukk him……. 3 years and we still suck. Time to call a spade a spade.
  13. Put the bottle down……. It’s over. WE SUCK and JD is suspect.
  14. But he runs the stairs well………. Woody went to England and the Jets got worse. If that’s even possible. Can it get worse???? Its time to understand JD and Saleh are under the curse of the Jets.
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