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  1. A snail was mugged by a turtle. When the police asked what happened... the snail responded "I dont know, it all happened so fast". Depending on perspective.. the Jets suck or are getting better. It's all perspective.
  2. His draft in 2020 makes up for that though......
  3. Didn't we try that with Gase??? It's so much deeper than replace the HC. This team is now one of the most dysfunctional in all of sports. NOT just football. What teams are worse when it comes to how they are run, their status etc???
  4. He's not even winning press conferences.... he should be censored by social Media as fake news.
  5. How any one could argue or downvote you is ridiculous. With the record and type of play, we are amongst the worst 3 teams in the NFL, 5 years in a row. THAT is what happens to teams left to the owners brother. Think about that... I wouldn't leave my paper route to my brother when we were kids. I found someone truly responsible.
  6. Paypal the entrance fee to me. I'll PM you the address.
  7. We have a guy in Charlotte, in our group, who screams at times when he is pissed.. "Who we gonna beat"???? It's really a good question. I look at the schedule and I predict 4 wins. We are simply poorly disciplined and poorly coached.
  8. Jets sign DL John Franklin-Myers to four-year, $55M extension. THAT is incredible for a player from small school. I have been killed on this board trashing Mo Wilk. I felt he was slow, ineffective and most of his sacks came on downs where we were behind so much it didn't matter. He was not a difference maker, nor a leader. Not sure JD had much wiggle room but I believe many players, after receiving this money, say to themselves, why get hurt? I think many players that come to the Jets, see the organization as built by Woody, and "Quiet Quit".
  9. Friggin ridiculous actually... why do we have a HC and DC if we have no communication? This is a full on indictment of how inexperienced and not prepared are our coaches. It's an embarrassment.
  10. This team is poorly run from the highest point. You couldn't suck this bad without total inept ownership and management. All this pipe dream about 1 draft away etc.... please. Optimism? Did you see Miami and Buffalo?
  11. He’ll be banging moms full time in about 2 years
  12. As of right now…Jets are worst team in the NFL
  13. Being in NC where getting the game is difficult is a blessing.
  14. Who we gonna beat???? Maybe the Pats now, how funny is that. Unless Zach comes back strong, 4 wins is about right and i have no idea where 3 wins comes from.
  15. For the out of touch people who voted that the season is NOT over, they need to check their medication. This team of poorly coached, poorly run, poor front office and a poor owner.
  16. He was here so short a period….. good for him he escaped.
  17. Why would he????? Name 1 player who came here in last 10 years and did well.
  18. Thank you JD, Thank you. Woody….. you suck too. Go back to England you buffoon.
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