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  1. and we didnt waste a 1st and a TON of money.
  2. all fair points. I thought the Sparano hire was a good one. Worked with Chad etc.... well, disaster.
  3. yes you are right... all the SB teams followed REX's formula.
  4. Absolutely, when Mark had Cotch and Braylon, he was "workable". A good GM makes those 2 understand their role and stay. BOTH did worse for their careers when they left. Like a young kid quitting a job he shouldnt. a mentor shows them the path. Tanny didnt have that skill set. He stroked BIG checks to big names to look imprtant. He didnt have the REAL skill a GM needs.
  5. Yes.. I knew that, Point was more about REX not being able to generate an offense. He brings in Sporano who IMO impressed REX by beating us late in the year.
  6. I hear there's strong talk of hanging a banner tat we went to 2 AFC champ games in a row.
  7. Rex won with Shotty... who he inherited. When REX chose an OC, he sucked donkey dick.
  8. I think Our GM sees it this was too.....
  9. Lets not lose fact that the NFL treats these guys like rented mules. the commish makes $40 mil a year, hundreds of millions come in from licensing , advertising etc.. THEN each club makes money. Knowing that in ONE play you could be done can make these guys the way they are. I dont like it... I understand it.
  10. Superbowl here we come............
  11. Hardy, Har, Har..... Here in Charlotte NC, UNCC now has a D1 football program. I always joke that the JETS will draft the 1st player from UNCC. probably a punter.....
  12. I have not read any posts..but I imagine even a bunch of knuckle dragging, internet watching, bulletin board posting, playoff lacking JETS fans have figured out ..... its the QB.
  13. This has friggin disaster written all over it...........
  14. Please tell me this is a joke............ Williams is a solid choice.
  15. I see names on there I would put behind Testaverde.
  16. THIS. I would argue that over the last 45 years... JETS draft would have been better done by a computer.
  17. wow.......... REX an excellent speaker??? Well..you think he's a great coach so why am I not surprised.
  18. as opposed to what an intellect? REX may be the most inarticulate HC to ever stand before a podium. He uses 3 and 4 letter words to describe a situation. That stuff, and you know, , a big deal and stuff.
  19. No one is gonna want to play the Bills..that's for sure. famous REX quote.
  20. and you have a motor boat...and when the sun goes down at night, you hook it up behind the car.
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