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  1. LOTS of practice since we never see the end zone.
  2. agreed. Leahy was Clutch.
  3. I was in HS and college then and perhaps you are right BUT I remember the JETS simply being a bottom team that NO ONE could help. The sack exchange, Freeman McNeil , Walker, etc.... that changed it and Michaels was the coach. Keeping him and NOT hiring Walton would have been my choice.
  4. Yet...he did coach after that. Parcells has some deep rooted issues.... that go beyond football.
  5. Good list...the SB IMO gives WEEB the one spot and I believe Carroll got the shaft. The Michaels firing was the typical bone head move that JETS management has made for 40 years.
  6. To think that HESS hired him after a disaster in Philly.... Under the words, I WANT a SB before I die.
  7. He could have become POPE... same effect on me. I think thats great. Similar note..GRONK has saved all his money, lives off endorsements. Arsehole he is, that aside ... more players should follow his fiscal lead. I have done many tax returns for professional athletes. Most are dumb as a rock.
  8. Yes...at least Kyle Brady stays out of the news. He did stay out of the news his entire putrid career.
  9. Ok...from 95 to 97 or so, I didn't pay close attention as I just moved to NC. No heavy Internet use, etc. difficult to stay on top of the JETS. BUT Kotite sucks...Parcells was better.
  10. You are making my point indirectly. Parcells didnt leave to play golf, he had the same tools as Kotite. Parcells played adjunct GM, and REALLY coached the team. The ODonell issue I was unaware.. but he was 0-6 before getting hurt. Lets not pretend that Parcells wasnt helpful in his resurgance. I read a great book by Parcells and am convinced he would have won 5 to 7 games in 96.
  11. THIS...except, the door is briefly left open and a pic of Goodell swallowing Brady and it dripping from his chin is let out to the public.
  12. The two posts above explain each other. Kotite sucked. Parcells went 9-7 with basically the same tools.
  13. +2 Geno would be signed in less than 48 hours. He would be a fool to play for REX again.
  14. I'm down to once a week. Still attending 12 step REX programs.
  15. He can't evaluate young talent. he can't develop young talent. he can only see an NFL player already in the league. Name a young draft pick that developed under REX???? Perhaps 2 in 6 years???? REX SUCKS... I would also state I believe he is over rated as a defensive guru.
  16. off topic..I moved to NC in 95 and for about 3 years 95-97 I lost touch with details etc as down here we didnt get a lot of NY news. Thats why , for fans outside NY, boards like this are fantastic.
  17. I wanted Beckham. He was gone when we picked, we didnt pass on him. But..knowing Idzik, we probably would have.
  18. he was pick 12..... I get your point but our pick was so great. Kyle fukkin Brady.
  19. It matters..... 2010 has set us back to where we are today. Agreed 2015 has been our best, possibly since 2007.
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