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  1. That 41-0 game was pretty special. Saw that game at a bar here in Charlotte, met a few fans and that was how the JETS fan club of Charlotte basically got its start. www.charlottejetsfans.com
  2. LIVE.... for me it was the FAVRE game in Tennessee. They were 10 -0 and we went in and beat them. Nashville was FULL of JETS fans the Saturday night before hand. Entire weekend was a BLAST! TV... Jets beating the Pats in 2011 playoffs. The david harris interception was electric.
  3. Charlotte NC where I live has many BILLS bars. There is no economy in NY north of Westchester. we get over 1000 people a month from NY alone.
  4. A team that hasn't sniffed the playoffs in 15 years mind you.
  5. You forgot Might Taco........ BTW...... Beef on wreck sucks.
  6. Thank God down staters pay tax....
  7. Rex "No accountability" Ryan. The Ravens are laughing their arses off. THEY KNEW!!!
  8. Actually no............ outside of the NYC area, NYS is dying a slow death. Gov. Cuomo’s handpicked bureaucrats are just as afraid of sunlight as he is. Over the Christmas break, the Empire State Development Corp. quietly announced it’s delaying its promised report on START-UP NY by four months. Since the program is a lumbering boondoggle, it’s pretty obvious that Cuomo’s pawns are busy sanitizing the report to minimize how poorly it reflects on his abysmal record on New York’s moribund economy. Every year, 100,000 people leave New York state, along with countless jobs. Just a few months ago, the iconic Remington Arms Co. — a top employer in my district — announced the elimination of 126 more jobs. http://nypost.com/2015/01/12/the-start-up-scam-telling-delay-on-governors-program/ http://www.taxanalysts.com/www/features.nsf/Articles/DC64E543F3D1B2DE85257C3C00530CB6?OpenDocument
  9. Those opportunities are fewer in western NY these days....
  10. Defence...... no hvae spill chick DEFENSE.........
  11. Lucking into the best pick is forgetting our history. JETS of years past, take a position player from a small school in same position. (Kenny O (not marino), Kyle Brady (not Sapp).) This pick shows real maturity on management.
  12. How many HOFers have we drafted in the last 14 years?? Revis...... We needed to clean house.
  13. I am betting you are wrong.... 3rd rounder to the PS???
  14. Agreed..... Geno may just be ready to win 10 games. Maybe not as I think it through. LOVE the kid but he doesnt respect the ball. Turnovers MUST stop.
  15. Wow..I cant believe management didn't consult you or more likely flew you in for your well balanced solid opinion on QB talent at the college level and over rode you.
  16. add to that , with Fitz or Geno and the aforementioned depth, we could win 10 games. Our D is stout... problem is we may be in a 2009 situation where with Cro and Revis. If Pryor and Milner dont pan out, we are back top square one on the DB.
  17. I hear the PATS take potentials picks to the shooting range to test their skills.....
  18. Mettenberger is a throw in to any trade. he has almost NO value as he is unproven, Would I like him??? Yes, for a 6th round pick at best.
  19. Having a stud like Williams and Mo can put fear in a QB, assuming we keep MO. As long as the rest of the draft plays out well.. it should be fine. the JETS of old let Warren SAPP pass them by. This regime seems to take opportunity when it is hard not to. Im fine with the pick.
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