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  1. Thats kool. I run the Charlotte jets fan club with my buddy Scott from Staten Island. We had a tailgate in December 2013 with over 200 people. Go to our site and FB page, send me an E mail from our web site. Im matt. www.charlottejetsfans.com
  2. Agreed... after tax, a $3 mil pay day is still close to $1.7 million. Thats a LOT of money, especially to guys with limited income sources after the NFL. Heard on Cowher today that 76 percent of all NFL players a dead broke 5 years after retirement. The $1.7 mil, put in a 10 year annuity would set you up for life.
  3. Yes..he said that. He was asked about Sanchez and said "I still have my tattoo.". NC State kept it close but it wasnt as close as the score would suggest. I am not an alum. My daughter went there and I went to Pace in NYC with no sports so I adopted NC State. Other daughter went to Carolina but I root for State on nights like last night.
  4. He was on Mike and Mike this AM. He literally is delusional. Talked about leaving the Bills as it will be his LAST stop. Turning it over to his son. He is a friggin moron. You know, all that stuff, you know, dose things etc... he cant articulate a childrens book.
  5. I could barely listen.... I almost pulled the car over to puke. Buffalo in January. Rex must be telling his wife some tale. he is full of himself Most inarticulate coach in a generation.
  6. Was driving from a client, listening to NFL radio. They covered REX's presser. He is perhaps the most inarticulate member of NFL management I have ever heard. he grasps for words, suffers and then says..those things, all that stuff etc... I was blown away for the first 2 years, tolerated the next two but REX is who he is. I am glad he is gone.....
  7. Disagree..... The 05 team paraded in several 3 rd stringers. 07 was basically Clemens. Both years were caused by Pennington doing what he does best. getting hurt.
  8. I'll refrain from coment as on paper I thought Idzik was a good pick. I hope this is the guy.... GO JETS!!!!!
  9. Been eating a lot of celery... had 2 or 3 today
  10. Im gonna assume the personal attacks memo doesnt apply to me...so GFY
  11. I went to a Buffalo site just to see their reaction. One of the posters had a sig that said.. "If you went into a coma in 2000 and awoke today, you've missed nothing".
  12. Is that before or after the too many men on the field penalty?
  13. Woody and NY. Or. Elway and Denver. Why am I not confident?????
  14. Fair enough but he took over a 1 and 15 team. REX and Herm had pretty good squads.
  15. Disagree..... It's better by several games. neither Herm nor REX are over 500 . Fox had a practice squad QB and went to a SB.
  16. Atlanta makes sense..... Good fit in either Atl or Chicago. He lives in Charlotte so I say Atlanta.
  17. Have you read the rest of the posts...... They act like he is Joe Walton.
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