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  1. His rap at UNC was playing without heart and to his potential. He plays like a 2nd or 3rd round pick... he's OK, has flashes of brilliance accompanied by plays where he seems disinterested.
  2. Very impressive you remembered that line. I was gonna type it but thought very few would get it. That series against NJ was unreal.
  3. Yeah... I have replaced hockey with college football as here in NC its not so big but with TV, satellite etc.. its so much easier now. GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!
  4. How many get the reference to ...Matteau, Matteau, Matteau... Howie Rose was awesome. GO BLUE SHIRTS!!!!!! POTVIN Still Sucks!
  5. Id be surprised if he had more than 2-3 million left....
  6. Lot of people are good people.... doesn't make them better at their job. Wish he played with a little more heart.
  7. Rex went to Kentucky to draft a linebacker. He comes back with Conner who by all accounts would have been undrafted. That is REX.
  8. So we are no different that Patsfans.com who ban you at the drop of a hat???? TEX is a bit of a doosh but aren't all PATS fans???
  9. A 4 time SB winner is a LOCK.... But can they put an asterisk on his name? BRADY*
  10. You must be in the biz. I hold a 7 and am a CFP and somewhat disagree. Index funds IMO should be the core holding of every portfolio. INo one stock should be more than 5 percent of your net worth. back in topic.....
  11. Absolutely not. You are here, voicing anti JET sentiment and we are stating our opinion on OUR home course. Your statement would be true of a poster on a PASTS site names.... JETSFANTX or some other ridiculous name.
  12. Walker was a complete WR. long threat, route runs etc. Devin appears to be more like Santana Moss. Would love to see him beef up like a Steve Smith.
  13. Me too...and arguably we were short sighted to trade him. MOSS had a great career after the JETS.
  14. The Wilshire 5000 / SP 500 has done about the same. Market tripled since 2009 lows.
  15. They are cheaters. It is very clear to all outside the MASShole area. KRAFT on down is simply an ethical cesspool.
  16. I typed in Kyle Brady in a thread on the draft and it came up.."Kyle Sparklepony".
  17. A suggestion until the ruling comes down from emperor Goodell. The use of the words Patriot, Patriots or PATS , like typing a curse word...anytime the word Patriot, Patriots or PATS are used, the word should be auto-replaced by Patriots*, or PATS*. Lets call it the asterisk rule. Please understand this is generous on my part. I was first thinking it should be replaced by "lying, cheating sc*mbags." That would be unfair to the 6 or 7 PATS* fans who actually know who Steve Grogan and Andre Tippet are.
  18. Less cheating than the PATS* for sure. He pushed an unfair advantage, the PATS* are down right cheaters. The Black Sox of the NFL.
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