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  1. What playoff game is Chip Kelly and Sanchez in I can't find it on the schedule?? :animal0029:

    Marks run with Philly does lend a lot of credence to the fact that mark has severe limits.


    Yet we continued to draft on D. ;)


    We easily could have drafted Kapernick, Foles, Dalton, Wilson just to name a few.


    But we were "set" at QB so goes management.

  2. If Quinn is the new HC and I hope he is, I expect our offense to be a ground and pound offense much like Seattle. 


    Although Russell Wilson seems to have all the media attention, the real weapons of that offense is the ground game, and its what sets up the pass. Their version of Ground and Pound is nothing like the Rex Ryan version. They have 2 backs who are big and strong as hell. Plus Wilson is mobile, so there is a real triple threat on the ground. 


    Beast Mode isn't in the media much except when he is fined for not talking to the media. With him, Its all about that action and action is what he delivers. On a large majority of his big breakout runs, he ends up throwing a few blocks for himself. He is not afraid to take a hit or deliver one. 


    When the ground game isn't working as well as they would like, the Seahawks defense generally keeps the score close to allow the offense to eventually wear down the opponent. This is a reason why, the first half of most Seahawks games is very boring. Because the defense is so good, they simply stick with the run game until it works. At some point in the second half, it does begin working. 


    Russell Wilson is not a great QB. He just plays smart and protects the ball. 


    I expect Quinn have the same approach with the Jets.

    Russel Wilson is an absolute explosive QB. When he was at NC State , he was outstanding. Tom Obrien was a coach who wanted a pocket QB and had no idea how to use Wilson.

  3. I like Rex, but it was time for him to go...Glad he's gone.


    But... I also didn't want another former DL coach, who's been a short-term NFL DC and who will be a first time HC....


    We needed a change and I'm glad we got one - I would have liked to have seen a move toward the offensive side of the ball for once.

    Understood...BUT if he focus's on BOTH sides of the ball, brings in a good DC, a good OC, I think we'll be fine.


    In theory, if he does his job well, we should be well balanced on both sides of the ball. NOT beating ourselves with penalties, poor timeout usage, too many men on the field, Wildcat etc...    

  4. Yes because they had so much success together, lol.  Then again, Matt Ryan would have just ignored Schotty and the offense would be productive. 


    Hey, maybe the Bulldogs will fire Richt and make a push for Rex if he doesn't get an NFL HC job.

    Maybe coincidence...but the only winning seasons REX enjoyed were under Schotty.  When he hired an OC...well, you get the point.

  5. As a prospect from a pure football perspective and ignoring the off-the-field issues, Winston is elite and in Andrew Luck's ballpark as a quarterback prospect.

    Small excerpt from thus scouting report.


    Bull$hit....   he is in Lucks ballpark???    Not even close.


    You watch...  he starts slow, many come from behind wins in college against so-so competition.


    In the NFL..he will be exposed in my view. He will be a 2nd coming of Geno or Emmanuel.

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