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  1. When you say unorthodox..do you mean not Greek and or not Jewish???
  2. They are not going public..... they will stay a private , for profit enterprise. NO SEC jurisdiction.
  3. I like the sound of this....... Not sure how factual it is but You have my attention.
  4. They are NOT public. Much will be unavailable. No annual reports will be available to the public.
  5. The tax return of the NFL is public record. Below is the 990 for 2012 where Goodell made 44 million. yes..44 million. Google NFL form 990 http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/131/131922622/131922622_201303_990O.pdf?_ga=1.47919461.335315553.1430262219
  6. This is like a few pennies falling from Woody's pocket as he puts his feet up.
  7. I googled a few mocks and saw none in top 15. If we take him at 6....I'm gonna spit out my chicken wings and beer. having a draft party in Charlotte NC.
  8. The JETS round 2 HOF list. I actually believe Amaro will be a solid player and I agreed with the Geno pick at the time.
  9. Agree with that..I would take him with any pick at or around 20. I simply believe that having seen Vlad, Wilson, Hill etc... The JETS historically take fliers in early rounds. It rarely works out well. Drafting well is a crap shoot so one of my business mantras is remove as much uncertainty as possible. I believe this is draft worthy as well.
  10. I was joking....still reeling from Stephen Hill and Vlad in round 2 recent history.
  11. Agreed but we haven't seemed to be able to get contribution in round 2 lately....what makes us think 3 would work.
  12. I haven't seen a MOCK draft that has Dupree in top 15.
  13. I have.... I dont want him in the top 20 picks. You like him, you wanna pay for potential. Go right ahead. I am tired of developmental players in early rounds. Remember...many experts agree with me as well.
  14. run with it.... Vlad was drafted for potential. Say NO to development players at round 1.
  15. Yes... Maybin and Gholsten were exactly the same. reduce risk.... a 1st round player that doesn't contribute sets us back. Milner, Pryor etc. I am tired of potential. I wouldn't draft him in the 1st 20 picks. Risk if he being manhandled in the NFL IMO is good.
  16. He has Maybin written all over him
  17. "Freakish athlete with chiseled frame. Posted incredible 42-inch vertical leap and 4.56 40 at the combine while weighing 269 pounds. Outstanding power with ability to rag-doll tight ends at will. . . . Explosive closing burst. . . . Raw, but learning with huge growth potential as a player........" This was one analysts words for Dupree. Sounds like Gholsten and dare I say VLAD or Stephen Hill. Say NO to potential in the 1st round. NO to Dupree in round 1. Raw but learning.... nuff said, PASS.
  18. Interesting...but I didnt see his likeness in the HOF??? Birds would shlt on Kenny when he dropped back as they mis took him for a statue.
  19. well..... probably would have been better with a guard. Milners uniform is still in the package waiting to be opened.
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