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  1. another REX pick.......... let him go to the BILLS and REX. Our gift for Maybin.
  2. Interestingly.... I think Thursday night has become as big as Monday.
  3. Not outside the northeast. You think the south or west coast give a $hit about the Bills and Jets???
  4. I wont argue the point... your post is solid and I didnt consider the doosh in NE BUT..until REX has a ring, hell, gets to a SB, he is NOT in the class of Parcells. Parcells is a HOFer.
  5. Parcells won 2 SB's with 1) Simms-slightly above average game manager 2) Hostettler, a back up. He turned this team around in ONE season. I simply think REX had more luck in his success than skill. I am open to your view, im not trying to be a doosh. A 6 year run, his last 4 , IMO are more representative of him than his first 2. Lets give it 3 years and see how he does.
  6. Theres the rub...Parcells had more talent because he helped bring it in. Vinny, CM etc... I read 2 books by Parcells and he spoke about offense as much as defense. Comparing Rex to Parcells is simply a SMH moment.
  7. Rex was a breath of fresh air...but like many, he simply proved to be ill equipped to build a team long term and work with the GM to help him do so. In Hard Knocks...he looked like a child.
  8. REX will go down in history much like his dad. There is no defending him. He is what we all see. Well..most of us see.
  9. This place is a bit tamer than JI. No politics, a bit more civil etc....
  10. Please..REX is below 500 as a coach. Next you'll tell us about how great Chad was in 2002.
  11. Savage will defend REX right to a 4-12 season.
  12. Interestingly... I feel vindicated reading all these posts. I felt like he was a doosh, but well, held out that maybe I had a bad experience, Here we are, others feel that way.
  13. agreed... ive had 1 or 2 dealings with him. VERY unresponsive and dismissive. JI was good in spite of him in my view.
  14. Butt Fumble.... Is at 10 to 1 at Belmont.
  15. I really dont care..... I think they will both go down in NFL lore as barely mediocre.
  16. They both have Italian restaurants named after them. geno's and Joe's. World famous, /end thread!
  17. My sis and B in Law just moved to Wamath, MASS. Big JETS fans too. PATS fans can be such douchebags.
  18. I would shoot myself before living in MASShole.....good luck green brother.
  19. Goodell has trouble reading facts when his mouth is on Krafts tool.
  20. Fukk the Pats.... That's my fill in the expletive.
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