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  1. Woody and NY. Or. Elway and Denver. Why am I not confident?????
  2. Fair enough but he took over a 1 and 15 team. REX and Herm had pretty good squads.
  3. Disagree..... It's better by several games. neither Herm nor REX are over 500 . Fox had a practice squad QB and went to a SB.
  4. Atlanta makes sense..... Good fit in either Atl or Chicago. He lives in Charlotte so I say Atlanta.
  5. Have you read the rest of the posts...... They act like he is Joe Walton.
  6. Really.... We haven't had a coach above 500 with more than 3 years on the team since Prolly never.
  7. make no mistake ..I do not want Fox. BUT his record is strong. His record is better than ANY Jets coach since 69 .
  8. All coaches wear out their time... He is well thought of here in Charlotte. He did more than ANY Jets coach since 1969 .
  9. I agree... I am simply defending his record.
  10. On Carolina he had a practice squad QB and went above 500, a SB and many double digit win seasons. He is far superior to REX.
  11. Really??? Above 500 and many playoff appearances including 2 NFC chamo and a SB.
  12. Rex doesnt care.... He brought in Tebow, Sporano and runs the wildcat.
  13. Fair....But he does have his shortcomings. I think we all learned the importance of a good GM the last 6 years.
  14. yes sir... If the last 6-8 years has fully taught us ..its the importance of a solid GM.
  15. This season is gonna Fukk me..... Please Lord, do NOT let the PATS win a SB.
  16. Do the Bills have a rival??? I view ours as the Pats. Bills...not so much.
  17. Fox built a huge home on the Quaill Hollow country club here in Charlotte. he became a member and lives here. most likely will retire here. Not sure what his future is if let go.
  18. Miss my point...my point was Rex beating the JETS is no big deal and of course its gonna happen. Its not evidence of anything pro or negative REX.
  19. And a 4 year run of losing. last time I checked, a team needs to score. And REX is responsible as HC. Rex will be like his Dad.
  20. On JI, I posted that I met an NFL GM at a golf event. he stated REX would get a job in less than a month. he also stated Milner and Geno were terrific picks. Point being.... Who really knows. I believe REX will go down much like his Dad. As a 30 year vet of business...I have seen behavior of the very best. Rex doesn't seem to me to have it. IMO.
  21. The Bills hiring REX is no vindication that he is a great coach. Perhaps he learned from his mistakes but he is a less than 500 coach with questionable skills on the management side of the game. Beat us??? Of course, Marrone beat us twice. is he great? Tebow beat REX and so did Sparano.
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