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  1. I agree..our coaching lost at least 3 games our QB play lost at least 4.
  2. You get to circumsize the elephants. Big tips. No pay.
  3. Off topic..thought of you and the Fish the other night. I am dating this gal who had Belveder scotch at her house. Friggin out of control smooth. Have you tried it? We need a damn scotch thread.
  4. I am a HUGE Namath guy. Never saw this pic. Its fantastic. I ONLY WEAR 12 jerseys.
  5. I do a lot of M and A work and have seen all types of deals. I have never seen a deal where the buyer (s) product fell to Shlt the way they let JI fall. I have not posted in scout in weeks and dont plan on going back. Its simply awful.
  6. Hows it feel to be a regular now in this mans army. No more MOD powers. I can tell you to GFY! Good to see you here.
  7. I heard on ESPN today several former players, all very pissed and vocal. There is no doubt in my mind this is a tainted legacy. Some called for a year suspension of BB, loss of a 1st round pick, etc. Pressure will be on Goodell to do something.
  8. Geno is an adult.... He carrys the ball out, late in his second season. he is much more responsible for his issues than Lee. Are you implying Lee should have held Genos nuts hostage and sliced them for every pick? Im sure he did all he could.
  9. A head coach taking an active role in getting players he thinks will help??? The REX defenders all said he had no say. WTF???
  10. I would add Sooth probably isn't happy either.
  11. I enjoyed JI. Posted there for years. I have to believe Sooth did not realize what a cluster fukk the transition became. Scout literally blows. I posted there perhaps 15 times... it sucks.
  12. Not in the Championship game.... although in 98 and 09 we had a 10 point lead at half time. In 09 and 10 we gave up (REX did, LOL) 24 unanswered points.
  13. Heard commentary today about how Brady benefits tremendously by being in the AFC East where the other three teams are historically poorly run. Shook my head in shame.
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