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  1. Nice to see a familiar face. Cheer leaders too!
  2. Funny thing...but if they fire Idzik and keep REX, Id be OK. How much worse could it get.
  3. Fine but he will have spent more of his career as a NON JET than a JET. Like the Yankees laying claim to Reggie. Reggie was a Yankee for 5 years and George paid him to bo in the hall as a Yankee. Nothing wrong with it but he will never be a Klecko or Chrebet in my mind.
  4. Revis is like AROD. When he's done, he wont have a team that will call him theirs. He is a mercenary.
  5. The over and under on how many times Rex says... "and that stuff" is 7. He may be the most inarticulate speaker ever to stand before a podium. Hey...we might actually win a game after a bye week and not draft a defensive player in round 1 who needs to be benched.
  6. with 2 minutes to go in the half, this defense is non existent.
  7. In his defense, Vlad was rated a 2nd round "project" type pick. My beef is how the fukk do you not notice Cruz if you are looking at that fat baztard Vlad.
  8. Colston would have had Sanchez throwing to him... he'd be out of the league by now.
  9. and Al Groh bolted after one year. I wonder why ??? It looks like it was to coach his Alma Mater but he had a pretty stacked team and maybe he saw the "REAL" Woody. The Woody that J and J saw and locked out of the company.
  10. Dude..sarcasm. I should have used an emoticon. Revis is laughing his arss off.
  11. BUT...its not like we drafted someone from Hofstra that was a 6-4 muff diver that barely played high school ball. The VLAD draft bothers me more.
  12. Dude...you need to turn on your sarcasm meter. Merry XMAS
  13. I bet Revis wishes he stayed a NY JET.
  14. Fair enough but his ONLY 2 winning seasons were under Shotty and we all hated Shotty. Once REX picks a guy, we suck. Coincidence???
  15. Not sure your point.... I, as a financial professional could look at Vlad and tell you he sucks. How do you not even notice Cruz??? I know it happens but that is the legacy of the JETS. We are too busy trying to get Tebow.
  16. Now Now...Tanny went to UMASS and scouted Vlad Ducasse. He somehow missed the undrafted wide receiver Victor Cruz. Jets management is the real problem. We have below average talent because we have below average short term thinkers at the helm. Giants, Pats, Ravens, Steelers, GB. All have management that thinks long term. That type of management would never bring in Tebow or have sat with Pennington for as long as we did.
  17. I dont give a fukk about BB. I asked about Flacco. John Harbaugh was hired over REX by a team that KNEW Rex very well. The HC's job is to surround himself with people that can do the job. he hasn't.
  18. Do you think Flacco would have developed under REX???
  19. Wow.... some of us really talk up mediocrity. No wonder Woody sees no need to improve. Greene? Coples? and you even had to list the injured players to make a point. I heard rex coached up mark too.. oh wait, Rex never attended Offensive meetings. Im sure you are a terrific fan. We just disagree on REX. LOVED him and supported him coming back. Now im done though.
  20. absolutely.... Mickelson mentioned it and got killed in the press. Players have learned. STFU about state taxes but they get it. BTW..they all claim Florida for true residency which shelters their off the field income.
  21. Clearly...Rex homers that believe a below 500 coach is great will not see facts. I get it. All good HC's tatoo their sub par QB on their arm. You are what your record says you are. Rex has drafted/ developed how many good players in 6 years?? 3 or 4 at most. Not to mention is awesome coaches pick.... The terminator.
  22. and Rex , along with the tatoo made him a team captain. Thats your REX right there.
  23. Im not gonna stand in your way of wanting to fellate Rex (due respect, joke). He is a below 500 coach who tatood Marks jersey on his arm. If mark sucks, Rex clearly didnt agree. He probably had a mark pic on his wall so when he banged his wife, he looked at mark. Id like to know all the HC's that tatoo their sh*tty QB on their arm. Worst QB??? Really? 2011?? we were 11-5. mark had talent and the same OC 2 years in a row.
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