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  1. Dime a dozen……. Thats laughable. Oline is a VERY difficult position to fill. We haven’t been able to do it well in near a decade. Im with your theory. I LOVE our draft. BUT lets not pretend OLINE is readily available.
  2. I tell ya…. Im on VACA, its raining so I’m sitting here reading these posts. Ill say one thing for Jets fans. They can be fukkin hilarious!!!! GREAT post!
  3. Where da kool aid drinkas at????
  4. Not from me……. You and me are joined at the hip on this one.
  5. Well….. let’s wait til he posts on twitter. Apparently he is a beast on twitter.
  6. Ill go with good…. But slow. While his stats were good, i found him slow to the play when it counted. It’s like Joe Torre citing AROD. AROD had good stats but did little to help the team. My memories, perhaps clouded, were of him being low impact, slow and never living up to a 1st round pick but lets stay on Becton. Lets hope he makes an impact.
  7. You probably thought Mo Wilkerson was a good player too…. He had ONE good year.
  8. Marcus was a very nice surprise….. good comparison. I hope Becton follows his lead. It is not common so yes, hats off to Marcus
  9. I remember the same fans believing in Stephen Hill, right to the end. Becton has more in common with Hills career at this point than any successful Jet.
  10. Please dont let facts stop kool aid drinkers from cheering. We all want Becton to play well… but his track record on and off the field raise eyebrows to say the least.
  11. Ok…. So we will see who is right. Im with @T0mShane Becton has lost any benefit of the doubt. I hope he is a stud.
  12. My New Jersey….. I’m gonna wear it to Jets games as well.
  13. Pretty good take. Like many new restaurants, no mens/ladies rooms. All neutral bathrooms.
  14. He was so friggin entertaining but selfish…. LOVED him in his day but looking back, Klecko was IMO the better JET. Ill never bad mouth him but the hit on Kosar helps define who is is.
  15. My New Jersey……. Going to OSU Indiana in this jersey.
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