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  1. He was NEVER in the business. He is the grandson and a trust was established with J and J shares. He is a LARGE shareholder.
  2. So after one game we admit a mistake? Thank you jD.
  3. So yes, agree. The D talent was obvious. The O, yes as well BUT the Oline not so much. I loved the way Carter hustled, receivers etc. When you say 2 first rounders out who are you speaking of?? Becton and Zach???? Becton is a bust. It's time to call it. Mims is a Bust. Thank you JD, Thank you.
  4. @CSNY Just a follow up. My GF went to the Biltmore last night with some college friends that flew in from Ohio. She told me she and her friends were appalled at the number of homeless in Asheville. I will try to avoid the place BUT it is woke as Shlt.
  5. I agree BUT most of these guys already have decent money saved. We have 3 former NFL players at my golf club and they all stated the Jets have a bad rep. So it is .. end up like Gase , in his words "rich as fukk" but almost unhireable again or wait it out.
  6. I fully believe that guys like Daboll, Payton etc... would never come to the Jets. They would simply wait out a better opportunity. So we are stuck with the parade of coordinators who would come here.... yes men.
  7. No clue who you were in the past BUT your user name and pic made me laugh!!!!!!
  8. The Saleh that fooled almost everyone and .... The REAL Saleh.
  9. Read many of the posts above….. some are happy. Me???? Yes, Im mad. Im mad I’m a Jets fan
  10. All the trash talk of Jamal but at least he ain’t on the Jets. We have done nothing in 10 years. Yet these kool aid drinkers relish in Jamals injury. We are amongst the worst 3 teams in the NFL , yet these clowns post about Jamal.
  11. It’s absolute evidence. Jets suck at front office. We haven’t developed a player in 10 years.
  12. App State…. Oh wait, they might beat the Jets too.
  13. I cut the cable last Thursday, NO TV. Just internet. Im reading a nice book, glass of scotch and ill get my football from you knuckleheads. How’s Geno look?????
  14. Want to meet and celebrate? 5 wins is almost double our average. But dont worry, we have JD Thank you JD, Thank you.
  15. Good for us….. we will have 4 wins. Hooray!!!!
  16. YES….. name another owner that leaves his organization to his unaccomplished brother. The 4 years under Chris will cause irreparable damage for 5 more years. Woody is an unaccomplished sperm fund winner, only outdone by his dick head brother Chris.
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