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  1. Absolutely…. He absolutely looked rookie. Clock mistakes, rookie mistakes . He did not look like true HC material at many points.
  2. Lay them across the goal….. i thought the same.
  3. Who’s the little twerp standing next to him????
  4. Is it true he has a bigger penis than you? Kidding aside.. Agreed. I have 2. LOVE IT! Greatest job in the world.
  5. I believe GM's need to find a way to identify this. There must be a way to minimize this type of risk. Wirfs was the pick. JD committed the 40 year old Jets error of trying to pick a diamond against the odds.
  6. I have been saying this for over a year.... he don't have "IT". He cashed a big check. Probably knows with good advice he can live like a king on the 20 mil or whatever he got down. He is NOT motivated IMO. Just his body language and behavior over the last year or so.
  7. It dawned on me , that comedy lines like that would be scrubbed as "promoting violence" against women.
  8. It’s Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle and Berra. In that order IMO but those 5 will never change is what I believe.
  9. If he gets in, I am absolutely going and will wear my signed Klecko jersey all weekend in that Godforsaken place. Probably holding back the tears.
  10. I can live with this..... Chrebet, Revis, Mangold, Brick for Walker and or Mawae but 1-3 are solid.
  11. So under your judgement...the greatest 5 Yankees of all time would not be on the list for Yankees . I always SMH when someone says, normally a fan under 40, ... "Well, I never saw him". Namath is number 1, I don't care who the fan is. Calling some of the greatest Jets "ILK" speaks volumes to how you and many others see sports. A 20-30 year window . Sports marks time. It is history. From field of dreams.. "Baseball marks the time".
  12. Shout out was great!!!! I vividly remember all except SBIII, I was too young. BUT, I don't remember the signing of Curtis as being headlines breaking but I was down here in NC , internet and such were in their infancy.
  13. Good point.... most parents immediately call the agent... "Get my son off that God forsaken POS team!!!!!"
  14. How many TV services do you subscribe to? I have Netflix and Amazon. Im gonna cut the cord this on the as well.
  15. How fukked up is that.... 1 good QB all those years. Hell, NC State had 5 in the NFL at the same time recently.
  16. Perfect for a desperate GM who passed on Mahommes, Watrson and drafted Hackenberg.
  17. what makes you think he's not???
  18. Penultimate…. WTF???? This is a Jets board. Dumb it down for the rest of us.
  19. You couldnt even change out of your rubber fire pants and suspenders???? Kidding aside…. What tragedy that was. I am fairly fluent in Spanish and listen to a lot of Spanish news and podcasts… interviews with family etc. Just horrific.
  20. Bought one for my GF and her daughter. Daughter is a junior there. We are going to the OSU/Indiana game and will probably buy a Mangold OSU jersey.
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