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  1. That may be true BUT we lost 3 second round picks to get to number 3. To draft a safety???? You want to defend the front office, great , I won't stop you. All while the owner is in England playing diplomat.
  2. I was talking about our 1-2 punch of The Beard and McCown.
  3. and we had to trade 3 2nds to get to that pick because we chose a BOX safety when we had a journeyman QB. Think about that. Most important position in all of football and we have a 38 year old journeyman. Mahommes and Watson are available and we draft a safety. Jets management is amongst the worst in sports history. Look at the drafts after Allen. The Bills got him help, developed him. We havent developed SHlT.
  4. They went 20 years with no playoffs….. but we’re catching up.
  5. Carrying that SB trophy tired his arm.
  6. Becton will be back, strong as ever and Zach will take us to a SB. Get ready Jets fans, it's coming. Thank you JD, Thank you. What a Joke!!!
  7. I am in agreement... JD, the absolute UNPROVEN GM should get this year and next.
  8. Think about it.... this is the same OLE Jets. An old back up QB starting the season. I am not excited but hope we are at least competitive. The last 10 years we seemed to be out of the game by half time and the team stopped trying. Well.... hoping we are competitive.
  9. Jets and negativity in the same sentence???? No. Say it aint so.
  10. Josh Allen is gonna bitch slap the NY Jets.
  11. You don't believe that do you????
  12. If the job comes with zero responsibility but recognition….. i volunteer..
  13. Don’t forget the low expectations the fan base has…….
  14. You do what you are doing…. Stay with him. Let him know you care and he affects you. Prayers. Lots of. How old is he?????
  15. And got dismantled in the playoffs fairly easily……
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