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  1. Mangini was smart and good at 8-3 in 2008, after being 10-6 in 2007. So let's not get ahead of ourselves. I like where we are at, how the player's are gelling so I give him an up vote, and say yes.. So if he is a good coach... we have 8 games left, we should win 10 games?? So much hinges on Zach. While Zach was really solid yesterday, he still seems to have a bit more in the tank. I think he can be an above average QB. Let's pray.
  2. @Maxman meeting him was a bit underwhelming wasn't it??? That game was EPIC!!!!! Was excited for you. I went to the Favre game in TENN in 2008 and , like your day, all was SUPER. Day's like that are few and far between.
  3. I posted somewhere else that it was SOOOOO refreshing to see Allen behave like a man and accept it. Brady would have whined like a little B1tch. That call/non call was marginal and sauce while active, and maybe had his back to the play, was given the benefit. YES!! Refreshing.
  4. Old Jets?? They start a 3 game losing streak and the stadium is empty. THIS FUKKIN TEAM!!!!!!! GO JETS!
  5. He fixed 2 major simple flaws. Hard to fix , easy say. 1. He ran for 5-7 yards when available. 2. He didn't run backwards/circles. He actually made 3-4 poor throws that if 2 had been better, this game isn't close. He is developing. It's fun to watch. He hasn't hit his peak yet.
  6. That's the stuff we didn't see with REX. This team, when it plays to it's potential can beat anyone.
  7. To Allens credit... he didnt bitch wine like Brady on the last play.
  8. We shut out the Bills second half.... Thats super impressive.
  9. REAL football. Planned and executed. Who knew??? GREAT WIN.
  10. Im hoping that play…. Pouts in his mind that he is ho we thought he was. He just might become big time.
  11. LOVE THIS!!!!! Kid contributing. Maybe he will be a great pick and redeem himself.
  12. 1st down…ill have to clean my pants. Well… here I GO!!!!! FUKKIN JETS!!!!!! MIMMMMMMMMSSSSSSSSYYYYYYYY
  13. Ever in Charlotte…. LMK, you’ll be my guest at my club.
  14. We got rained out after 10….. i was heading for my normal 81 to 84 day. I break 80, 5-8 times a year. Good for you.
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