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  1. So I worked with Ken in WTC1 and he taught me to drink scotch. I vowed evey 911 to do a small something to keep his name alive and I always have a Dewars on 911 in his memory.
  2. I went in October, 2001 as I am from the NYC area. Family lives on 91st. The stark deep smell of burnt rubber, steel etc was still very strong.
  3. I worked in 1 WTC for many years. Today I walked about 3 miles listening to different accounts on a 911 podcast. Was actually crying a bit.... Never forget.
  4. But what he wrote ain’t far from we have witnessed is it?
  5. 2 field goals or a missed extra point????
  6. Im a registered Jet offender on here since 2006. That seems like a LONG time ago.
  7. Probably 35 out of the last 50 we were a bottom 5 team.
  8. Why???? I didn’t say fire anyone. I have a grip. Our current team, front office, coaches and Zach deserve a minimum of 2 more years, minimum. You throw out insults like internet tough guy. Where did i say fire anyone? Good day sir
  9. There was a poster on a Bills site that had a sig that said something like... "If you went into a Coma in the year 2000 and didn't wake until 2016. You basically missed nothing. " It was funny.
  10. As much as we suck.... Im with you. I am known around Charlotte as "Matt the Jets fan". Jets stuff in my office, license plate etc. We suck, I know we suck BUT I enjoy wearing a Jets jersey to events. It show's loyalty I suppose. This year I will only wear my Klecko. Normally I wear my Namath (I have 2) but all year will be my 73. Heck, every year I buy a dozen NY Jets logo golf balls to start the golf season.
  11. Neither will we..... ever see the Jets with nothing to play for? Oh wait... if it is for a draft spot, we will win and fukk that up too.
  12. That's great.. I picked 2-4 because I am feeling a bit generous.
  13. Please.... I look at the record not the confidence.
  14. I have an undergrad Fredonia NY. I feel same way. They are a solid fan base.
  15. How much will you pay me to take them off your hands????
  16. A place where you can come and cash your last check. When no one wants you…. We will pay you.
  17. What a joke that statement will become….. we haven’t played a down and the disaster is on us like stink on shlt.
  18. Many here feel similar to Zach. He played so poorly at times last year, this board was exploding at his errors. If I were forced to bet.... I wouldn't bet on him being a successful NFL QB. He showed some signs of brilliance.... over shadowed by poor QB play.
  19. You hear yourself??? Dont draft a QB because we needed an Oline but we draft a safety?? You should work PR for the Jets.
  20. Common sense has NO place on a NY Jets board. Another post like this and I'll ask that they ban you.
  21. That may be true BUT we lost 3 second round picks to get to number 3. To draft a safety???? You want to defend the front office, great , I won't stop you. All while the owner is in England playing diplomat.
  22. I was talking about our 1-2 punch of The Beard and McCown.
  23. and we had to trade 3 2nds to get to that pick because we chose a BOX safety when we had a journeyman QB. Think about that. Most important position in all of football and we have a 38 year old journeyman. Mahommes and Watson are available and we draft a safety. Jets management is amongst the worst in sports history. Look at the drafts after Allen. The Bills got him help, developed him. We havent developed SHlT.
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