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  1. My daughter married a Giants fan…. Good for her. The curse will die with me.
  2. Why risk your career for this team…….
  3. 1 RB would NOT fix this. This team is poorly coached and poorly disciplined.
  4. But does he chest bump his players and run the stairs??? No, Thought not Please start a better thread. Im so fukkin pissed.
  5. We were 7-3, we’ll finish at 7-10. Thats pretty bad. SALEH is a FRAUD.
  6. Watching Saleh chest bump players before game frustrates me…. SALEH is a FRAUD.
  7. He is a laughing stock. Owners laugh at him. The country laughs at us.
  8. Mac sucked, but based on records , JD is NOT much better. One good draft.
  9. Woody and family are the constant.
  10. NOT a good staff, unprepared team, no discipline. Saleh is a fraud.
  11. Dont tell @Joe W. Namath he’ll call you pathetic.
  12. Your posts at times are…….
  13. OK, hungover, need a shave but I am all in. WET and soggy but gonna wear FULL JETS on golf course today!!! Jets TM hat, Jets golf shirt, Jets ball. Lets go Jets!!!!!! @JiFields @Green Ghost MIKE FUKKIN WHITE!!!!!
  14. I think we lost that game. 2011 we were 8-5, ended up 8-8 losing to Philly, NYG and Miami. REX then hired Tony Sporano as OC as he assumed Sporano was a genius because he beat the great REX D. REX was a simple minded coach.
  15. I miss a well disciplined coach. I am tired of cheerleading coaches.
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