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  1. Beyond the obviousness of how bad he is, I just did a little data crunching... As a head coach, Gase is 24-33 (including the 1 playoff game). HOWEVER, in only 3 of the 24 wins did he win by 10+ (with 1 being against Bryce Petty lead Jets), with an average win margin of 6.7 pts... In 26 of his 33 losses, he's lost by 10+, with an incredible 11 of 33 being by 20+. His AVERAGE loss margin is 16.6 pts. So yeah, when things go bad for Gase, they go REALLY bad.
  2. When you really break down the actual payments, this is Bell's "true contract".... 2 years, $26m fully guaranteed. Then a team option for year at $13.5m ($3m deduction if he holds out, $4m cap hit if not kept but no extra money owed), and a year 4 team option at $13m (same $3m deduction if he holds out, $2m cap hit if not kept but no extra money owed). This also doesn't count the escalators and bonuses for big time performances that we'd all happily pay for!
  3. Max, just thought you and everyone else should know that after a lot of back and forth with fanduel, I just received word that the championship seat fron week 3's prizes "was a system error and there will be no championship pool to enter." So yeah, they're renegging on the payout... Now more importantly... almost time for kickoff! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!
  4. have we figured out what the championship seat is? Im supposed to have won it, but theres nothing that I can find that tells me what it is
  5. For what its worth... havent been on these boards basically ever (but follow on twitter) and the FD tourney brought me back! Board ive been at last few years got really terrible... edit: Oh and gastineau lives.... sorry I'm not sorry for passing you on that charles junk TD at the end!
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